Friday, September 11, 2015

Summer Love

So, I'm a little behind on making Samuel's Paw Patrol letter worksheets, but for good reason. We spent a week in our hometown (Indianapolis) and just got back late last night. It was the first time we had been home in almost 3 years. It's hard to believe Samuel was 18 months old the last time we visited! Overall, we had a great time! I'm thankful Samuel was able to play with his cousins and Caleb was able to finally meet everyone (at 15 months old)!

Included in our visit was a short drive down to Nashville, TN to meet up with a good friend of mine. We haven't seen this family since we left El Paso, so it was wonderful to be able to see them again after a little over a year! Samuel was beyond excited to see his best friends again! Sadly, this was the only time I broke out my (good) camera on the entire trip. It may take me years to edit the pictures, but here's a glimpse of our visit…

For those using the worksheets, I'll hopefully get back to doing those next week. I feel like we're always playing catch up after a trip and after this one, I'd love to just sleep for 3 days straight -- okay, maybe 4...


  1. So glad you made it back home and got to see old friends. When ya coming to Savannah? ;)

    1. That'd be fun! Although after the flight home, I'll happily not get on a plane anytime soon. ;) You Hidalgos are flying pros. Road trips are all I see in my future with Mr. Caleb's lungs, ha.