Thursday, December 15, 2011

6 Months In The Chair...

So, I realize that I already made an update about Samuel turning 6 months old...However, I failed to give his stats and post a picture of him in his chair. In fact, I didn't even get a picture of him in his chair until yesterday. Oops. A bit late, but better late than never, right?

Well, our borderline preemie is growing as he should and passed all of the developmental tests at his 6 mo checkup. He weighed in at 17 lb 13 oz (55%) and measured 27 1/2 in (80%) in length on December 8th. I'm not sure what his head circumference percentile fell under, but he measured in at 17 1/4 in on that. It's crazy to think how tiny he once was. Before we know it, we'll be retiring that infant car seat carrier. It's too heavy to lug around with as much as he weighs! Just be prepared to laugh when I bring out that shopping cart cover that I bought for him. This germaphobe over here can't handle the thought of Samuel chewing on the Target shopping cart handle -- vomit.

Anyways. Now on to the chair pictures...

He is totally loving Obadiah these days! In fact, he gently reached out and petted Oba's ear earlier today. No pulling, squeezing, etc. -- James and I were both surprised and a bit impressed. Sweet Sam received praises for being so sweet to Oba...

This was right before he decided to dive off the chair face first...

The boy's pain tolerance rocks though, as he didn't even react to the little fall. Instead, he smiled and got right back up (with my assistance) and loved on our Olivia Bear. I suppose it's a bit obvious that he has graduated to 6-12 mo clothing. Those 3-6 mo pants are looking like high-waters!

In closing, here's a collage of the last 6 months in the chair...


  1. I hate how they grow up so fast. I remember the post you wrote right after he was born and that seems like yesterday. Looking at his pictures really shows how fast he has grown. So Cute :)

  2. Oh my, he is such a big boy now! I love the comparison photo! Can't wait to see you! Safe travels!

  3. Gosh, he is getting so big. Cute pictures as always! :)

  4. He's looking like a rockstar! :) He'll outgrow that chair real soon. {BTW, I had Ewww! on my mind when you mentioned germs and the Target cart handles. (>_<)}