Sunday, November 6, 2011

One More Thing...

While blogging earlier, there was one other thing that I forgot to mention...

So, I'm not one to put much thought into fortune cookie fortunes. In fact, we usually read them, chuckle, then toss them immediately after. However, on occasion, there will be one that stands out to me, so I may put it in my wallet/purse and let it take up space for awhile. I suppose I always think that maybe I might randomly see it later and appreciate what it had to say. Well, I recently had one of those moments...

With having Samuel here with us, I rarely carry around a purse anymore -- a diaper bag and wristlet have been sufficient. Because of that, the ones that I used to use on a regular basis have been sitting in my closet for quite some time now. That was until Friday night when I attended an event without Sam. Without the boy, there was no need to lug around that big bag! So, I decided to pull out one of my purses and upon putting the things that I needed for the night in it, I found this note. It immediately made James and I both smile -- especially since I don't ever remember seeing it before. Sure, it's only a cheesy fortune from a Chinese restaurant, but nonetheless, it's one thing that did come true for us!

Keep in mind that I probably haven't touched that purse since early spring 2011...


  1. Seeing that fortune made my stomach turn.
    I had that exact same fortune myself. I thought it sounded so fun that I wrote it on the calendar and counted 3 months up and pasted it on the calendar.
    It was either March 9th or March 11th. Megan died on March 10th.

  2. I am so glad your fortune came true! <3

  3. That is indeed a very good fortune! :)