Sunday, November 6, 2011

3 Butterflies...

For those of you in the baby loss community, you're all too familiar with the idea of lighting a candle in honor and remembrance of your angels on those special days that either mark an angelversary, a national/worldwide remembrance day, or any other day that deems worthy. For some time now, I've told James how I wanted to try and find a candle or candle holder that would represent our three angels -- something permanent that we could always use with each passing year. Well, it just so happens that I found the perfect thing a few days ago! While at Pier 1 Imports, I stumbled across a reed diffuser holder that fit the bill. Sure, I could use it to disguise a reed diffuser, but I think I'm going to put tealights in it instead. It's perfect. 3 butterflies, each just a little bigger than the one before it -- just as we have always thought of our three since they were all lost at different stages in the pregnancy.

Love it...


  1. Oh! I absolutely love it! What a great way to honor Jacob, Jordan, and Olivia!

  2. It's perfect! What a beautiful and special way of honoring Olivia, Jacob, and Jordan. <3