Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Sigh Of Relief...

We had a rather long appointment yesterday at my Ob's office -- consisting of my first steroid shot, the weekly progesterone shot, Sam's first of many non-stress tests, and an ultrasound to measure the amniotic fluid levels. I was also supposed to have a regular exam with my Ob, but she was so backed up with patients that we rescheduled it for next week -- fine by me since I saw her just a few days ago and all the tests came back fine.

It was rather nerve-racking going in for the NST. The last time I had one of those was with Liv and it was also the same day that we found out her heart had stopped -- not exactly something I want to relive! Luckily, Sam was dancing during lunch, so I knew he was fine. However, upon putting the equipment on my stomach, it took what felt like forever to hear a heartbeat which put me on edge. It wasn't long though before they found it and he started doing Tae-bo in there. I must say, with the massive leather recliners provided for the NST room, I really wanted to just take a nap instead of push the little joystick every time he moved. It was very tempting! Instead, James and I sat and watched the History channel while watching Sam's stats print out. I'm so glad that he did so well. I really hope that this continues as we start these on a weekly basis!

Next was the ultrasound and thankfully, his fluid levels looked great -- another sigh of relief! The ultrasound tech took some quick pictures for us after the measurements, but it was hard to get a profile shot. Apparently, he's obsessed with his feet and had them in front of his face the whole time while playing with them with his hands. She kept having to shake him to try and get him to move his feet for a picture, but he didn't exactly agree with that idea...

This is about as good as we could get...
(No complaints, though!)

Then she had to get a picture of his foot, as she commented on his big toes. I don't know what to compare them to, but I'll take her word for it...

After the comforting ultrasound, I became the human pin cushion. My nurse laughed as she asked which side I wanted which shot -- I had to get a steroid shot and a progesterone shot. Good times. I have to say, though...the steroid shots weren't as painful as I have been warned. (I got one yesterday and one today.) Sure, it burned going in, but there was less of a reaction afterwards than the progesterone shots so there were definitely no complaints! It's hard to believe...we only have a few more weeks left of getting the progesterone shots and we'll then hopefully have a healthy little guy in our arms!

Overall, it was a very good visit and we left being able to breathe a huge sigh of relief -- for now. James said that his Company Commander is probably starting to regret his promise to let James go to all of my appointments, as these are becoming long in length and more frequent now that we're a little over 4 weeks away. Not only will we start having weekly Ob appointments (just like today), but my peri appointments will become weekly too. I can only hope that all of these checks will help take away a little worry and make May fly by!


  1. At first I read that James' Company Commander did say that he regrets letting him go - and I was about to type "What a douche bag!" and go on a little rant. Then I re-read. And so now I'm calm.

    But I'm so glad little Sam is doing well. Finley has been doing the same with his feet - keeping them in front of his face! So annoying when you want to get a good picture, but at the same time it's sweet that they are being silly.

    We're getting there. . . slowly, but surely. It's pretty much mid-May right now. Next it'll be the end of May, then JUNE!

  2. Yay for a good appointment! Keep you and little Sam in my prayers!

  3. So glad that everything looked good at your appt and that shots went well! You are getting so close to having that sweet little baby in your arms and I am just so excited for you and James!

  4. Totally in agreement that everyone exaggerates on the steroid shots. They burn a little but nothing major!

  5. <3 Olivia <3 My stomach knotted when I read the first part of your post about your previous NST with Olivia. I am happy that Sam did so well on his test. It sounds like you have one very active little boy! His pictures are so cute too! Cheers for another great appointment!