Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day...

I'm glad to say that it was much better than last year. I know there were many factors that played a roll in that...specifically...James was home, Liv's death wasn't so incredibly fresh, the hope of a healthy little Samuel Ryan was there, etc.

I couldn't help but think of Olivia and where we were at this time last year when I woke up yesterday. I miss our baby girl, just as I miss Jake and Jordan. Much to my surprise, my mother-in-law and James' grandma were super thoughtful (that's not why I was surprised, though) and laid down three roses for me at Liv's grave yesterday morning in honor of Mother's Day. I really appreciated seeing the pictures and hearing of how they did that. What great family we have! We're very fortunate that since we can't be there ourselves, others will be. We love you, baby girl!

We talked of our sweet angels and our dancing little man throughout the day, and basically just soaked up time together. I think Obadiah took it as a "love on me" day, as he begged for back and belly rubs all day long -- what's a pup to do when we're both right there within petting distance?

I want to thank those of you that called, sent cards or emails, and acknowledged that even though our babies are in Heaven, it was still a valid holiday in this house. It always means a lot to me when those things happen. I'm REALLY hoping and looking forward to the idea of James being able to celebrate Father's Day with a little man in his arms this year -- only time will tell!

In closing, for those that remember, a local photographer did something to honor those of us BLMs out there with a photo essay on Mother's Day. The beautiful project was posted yesterday and shows the emotion of those that shared their story. Definitely check it out!

I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! If your sweet angels are up in Heaven, know that they weren't forgotten...


  1. Sending belated Mother's Day wishes to you too. Glad that you were able to spend the day with James and share the love for your little ones in Heaven and the one in your belly. Looking so forward to meeting little Sam someday soon. ((hugs))

  2. I am glad that this mother's day was more gentle than last. The holiday is so bittersweet even with the hope of our little ones. But I do love to think about James and Josh being able to hold their little rainbow on Father's Day! <3

  3. I also wanted to tell you that the pictures from the mama project are amazing. I was in tears as I went through each story. You are a beautiful mama <3 <3 <3