Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Abagail!

Today marks one year since our good friends, Jeff and Sarah, welcomed their sweet baby girl into this world (at 24 weeks). Unfortunately, Abagail passed away soon after she was born. She was here for such a short time, but will forever be remembered.

With it being her 1st Birthday in Heaven, Sarah planned a balloon release at our local park. Even though I knew she had friends that were either pregnant or with small children (one was actually born the day I found out our sweet Olivia died) -- which would be a huge struggle for me, I wanted to make sure to be there to show support. I think it's so great that she set this up so that we could all celebrate and remember Abby. Looking back, I know that I never did such things for our Jacob (and sort of regret that). However, after participating in the balloon release for Abby, I think it's a must for Livy's 1st Birthday!

Here are some pictures from the balloon release. Abby, we miss you and hope that you, Livy, Jake, Jordan, and your other angel friends are having a great time at Snapplebee's!!!

Abagail's Daddy is still in Iraq, but he was able to call...

Abagail's proud big brother with James...

He wasn't exactly eager to get his picture taken...

As he prepared to release the balloon he picked out specially for his baby sister...

And the group shot...

We love and miss you, Abagail!!


  1. Beautiful pictures, what a special day! :)

  2. Why are tears streaming down my face? Such moving pictures. The expressions on your faces show me just how loved this little girl is. Hugs to your friend and prayers for the safe return of her husband.

  3. Awh...thank you! I'll be sure to relay these comments to my friend, as well. :)

  4. Thank you so much, Priss for taking pictures. I wasn't sure if it was a good distraction for you or if you felt this was your contribution but I am so thankful for the photos. They are beautiful!!! I can't wait to start putting them in an album!!!

    Rhiannon and Marie, thank you so much! It makes me feel great to be surrounded by loving friends who obviously will remember Abagail right along with us! Hubby should be home by the end of September! Thank God for that! :-)