Monday, August 23, 2010

Houdini's at it again!

Well, we had quite the surprise when we got home from Bible Study earlier tonight...As James opened the door from the garage to the house, he found Obadiah super excited ready to jump and give kisses! Keep in mind, he SHOULD have been in his cage! He somehow magically escaped and had free roam of the house for the evening. For a normal dog, that'd be fine. For Obadiah? Not so much. Our pup has severe separation anxiety and absolutely canNOT handle being left alone. We've tried it on numerous attempts -- using various methods to try and get him to understand that the world is not going to end if he is alone. Unfortunately, he thinks that's a bunch of malarkey, and freaks out the minute we shut the door on him. So...because he somehow got out, he threw his own little party. This party included eating blinds and drooling all over the place (He's in panic mode. Who wouldn't pace, drool, and destroy plastic blinds if such horror was occurring?)

You can see how happy he was when we got home...and perhaps a little proud of his artistic abilities...

Man, oh man. That dog...If it weren't for the fact that by the time we got home, his short attention span had taken hold and he had no idea as to why we were mad, I would've let him have it. Well, ok...I did kind of let him have it, but he has buns of steel so I think I was in more pain than he was. That old saying, "This hurts me more than it hurts you," is taken in the literal sense when giving Oba a spanking. He just looks at you, wags his tail, and smiles like nothing is going on. I think that makes it even more frustrating!

I wish that basset would figure out that this is absolutely not acceptable. This is the 2nd time since we've lived here (Oct. 2008) that we've had to replace those front blinds. The first incident occurred while we were in the driveway talking with a friend. That's right. We were within earshot and he could SEE us! He jumped up on the couches to watch us (we recently sold those, so that's why there's only a coffee table against the wall), then got mad and started destroying the blinds. If you knew this pup, you'd know he's not exactly the type of terror that just destroys everything in sight for no reason. It's all based on his separation anxiety and severe panic that takes hold while alone. He apparently can't even handle us being in the driveway without him, let alone being away for a few hours like we were tonight.

Well, Obadiah, it's back to the cage for you. And don't worry, we'll make sure that door locks properly next time!


  1. Aw, the poor puppy. Oppss, I know I should show more sympathy for you guys, but I'm bit biased. ;) Our Tobi has separation anxiety issues as well. Every time we leave the house, he'll whine and launch into a series of despairing howls by the gate, you'd think he's being tortured or giving birth to a cow. He's trained to be outdoors so he has free rein of our backyard. He's chewed up plastic pipes, sprinklers, garden tools and rain boots we've unfortunately forgotten to put out of his reach. I'm praying he won't turn to chewing my plants next time.

  2. Awh. These bassets and their separation anxiety...they sure know how to gain the sympathy vote, don't they? Amazing actors too with how they act so tortured when left alone. :)

    I hope Tobi leaves your plants alone! Obadiah's only interest seems to be window treatments. At our old house, he literally tried to pull the curtain rods out of the wall, while biting and pulling on the curtain panels. That was, of course, another instance where he snuck out of his cage. Maybe at our next house, I'll take off the window treatments where we leave him alone...