Friday, April 16, 2010

Well, obviously not ready for that!

So, foolish ol' me thought it would be a wise decision to witness a cute little t-ball practice yesterday without clearly thinking of the obvious surroundings...babies, preggos, and the numerous toddlers running around the playground while their older siblings made an attempt at hitting a baseball. The t-ball practice was cute, and it was fun seeing the two cute little boys -- who I love dearly -- practice their baseball skills. However, the playground next to it? Not so much.

Oba is like a flashing red flight when in public and easily attracts little kids, who want to come up and love on him. So, of course, we had several little kids (toddler age) running up to pet him -- or really, pull on his ears or tail, hug him, lay on top of his back, etc. -- while their parents reminded them to be nice to the puppy. I'm glad Oba's typically very gentle and patient, so he endures most beatings given by little kids without complaint. It was sweet to watch, but still incredibly hard being in such surroundings right now. The strollers, the infant carriers, the little blondies running's all so hard.

I really don't know what I was thinking putting myself in such a place. It was obviously not the smartest move. I realize that now. In fact, it was probably magnified being that I did this genius move on Liv's 4 month mark. However, I wanted so badly to get out and see those two run around with their team. I guess it's going to be a constant battle for quite awhile...

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  1. One day at a place, instance, situation at a time.