Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ready for the weekend...

After a fun visit with friends, I got a call from James on Sunday with some not so great news. It pretty much changed the tone of our day. I got word that his return will be delayed. That's just fantastic! I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I had let my guard down and actually got excited about the previously good news of when he might return. When that changed, I was frustrated to say the least. Plus, the reason behind his delay is, in my opinion, not very valid. That's the irritating part. Oh well. He'll be home soon enough. Let's just hope sooner than later! I had really looked forward to the fact that James would be home in time for Liv's six month angelversary, but now that he won't, I guess I can just be thankful that he will be home for the seventh...maybe.

To continue on with this wonderful week, today marks 4 years since our second loss. Our second loss wasn't nearly as traumatic as the loss of Jake or Liv, but sad nonetheless. I will say, to anyone out there that tries to call a stillbirth a miscarriage, they are completely different and not even comparable on any level. It irritates me to no end when I hear people refer to the loss of a stillborn child as a miscarriage, etc. Both are painful, but on totally different levels. Oh well. I'm rambling. It's sad to think that it took our three losses to finally give me the title of being high risk. As if one shouldn't have done it, with three, I officially have that title in my records now. Maybe the next round -- if there is a next round -- will be experienced with even more caution by the docs than there was with Liv. Who knows?

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