Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rotten...absolutely rotten!!!

Well, it finally happened. Our punk of a basset hound finally did it. He got nosy and snuck over into the neighbor's yard. I figured this day would come, but was hoping his nose wouldn't take him on that adventure. I'm just glad he stayed there and didn't go any further! On several occasions, I've seen where my neighbor's gate has been left open. Thankfully, that wasn't the case tonight!

So, going back to the week before we lost Liv, we had a pretty bad wind storm resulting in the destruction of an 8 foot section to our privacy fence. It totally blew over during the storm. When my neighbor tried putting it back up the next day, he had much less to work with than before. Many of the slats were broken, so he did what he could to still make some kind of barrier for Oba with what was left. Both my neighbor and I rent, so we relied on getting the landlords to deal with it, but figured this would be a temporary fix. Well, with all the craziness that soon took place, we didn't bother worrying about the fence. That was last thing on our minds. We knew it would eventually be taken care of, and would worry about it later.

For the last couple of months, Oba would go up to it and look like the nosy neighbor that he is and stick his head through just staring at our neighbor's yard. I don't know if they were ever out there, but if they were, I wonder what they thought of Obadiah's staring problem! He never seemed to show any kind of interest in actually squeezing through the broken areas of the fence, so I didn't put a rush on my landlord getting over here. However, it's a good thing I finally contacted him due to another minor issue, because it definitely needs fixed now!

I can't believe his huge chest fit through that hole, but he sure did it with ease. After about 20 minutes of him being out back, I finally opened the door to call him in, but didn't see or hear him. Usually, that just means he's back behind the evergreens getting into some mischief (most likely where that stupid tick came from!). Well, after calling him in a few times and still not hearing the wrestle of his collar, I started to wonder. I offered the bribe of a treat if he would come, and sure enough, it worked. I heard him, but still didn't see him. I finally looked over and there he was, on the OTHER side of the fence. That punk!

He seemed quite content and had no interest in coming back over when I told him to do so. However, after many demands, he finally listened...

As you can see, he obviously had no issue squeezing through, so I'm surprised this was the first time for this particular adventure...

These pictures were taken so that I could share the story of Obadiah's eventful evening with James. Since the wind storm, he has been worried about the possibility of Oba attempting this escape. Well, his fears were definitely warranted. I put something up to block that hole until our landlord comes tomorrow to check it out and hopefully repair it. Until then, Obadiah better not get any ideas on how to get past that blockade!


  1. Oh My, You know about my dogs escaping, so I can't empathize. They can squeeze through any little hole and they move loose boards to get through. I just put rocks and whatever I could find in front of the boards. Eventually I found all of the holes. I know how frustrating that can be, I'm glad you didn't have to search the neighborhood.

  2. Hi there - I stumbled across your site! My name is Hannah and I live in the UK.

    Your daughter, Olivia, was beautiful. In the photos, she looks very like her mummy! How dreadful for you and your family to endure such sadness.

    I have not had anything like as traumatic a time, but I did have four miscarriages before my son was born in 2002. That was the worst period of my life.

    I love your dog - he is a hoot. I have two dogs and two cats and they are forever getting into trouble.

    All the best - Hannah x

  3. Hannah,

    Thank you for you sweet message! I'm so sorry to hear of your losses. I can definitely empathize with the pain you went through. :(

    If your dogs and cats are anything like Oba, they may get into trouble, but probably bring much joy as well. I don't know where I'd be right now if I didn't have him bringing a laugh every once in awhile. :)

  4. Hi there - Pets like Oba are such a comfort when you are sad. They don't judge, they don't get embarrassed, they don't give you unwanted advice.

    I love the pics you have of Oba - they make me smile :)

  5. Sis...I heard that as long as a dog's head can fit through, the rest of their body can follow. I had a friend that had some rather large golden retrievers that fit through a cat door. Their heads fit, so they didn't know any better! Funny, huh? Oba, sweet Oba. - Jen