Sunday, March 14, 2010

3 Months...

Well, we hit the 3 month mark today of losing our daughter. I can't believe it was 3 months ago that we said good bye. It feels like it was just yesterday that we were sitting on the hospital bed holding her and hugging her, knowing it would be for the last time.

In a way, I somewhat look forward to these monthly marks, because I know we are getting that much closer to having some sort of peace. It also acknowledges the fact that we've at least made it this far in survival mode. Yet, at the same time, I dread these monthly anniversaries. With each month that passes, I can't help but think of how old she SHOULD be, and what kinds of new discoveries she would be making at each stage in her first year. It's hard not to think about those things, even though you know it only adds to the pain of it all. Glutton for punishment, I suppose?

Gosh, I miss her. We love you, Liv...

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