Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Double digits!!!

Well, I'm a couple days late now on this posting, but we are slowly getting closer to the end! With every deployment, it's always nice to get to that point where you can say you have less than 100 days left. It just doesn't sound as bad.

As we near the end, dates are slowly coming out as to when the guys will be home and when we'll have block leave. I can't wait! It's nice to have an actual end in sight. So far, we have block leave dates, but as the usual rule of thumb, they said not to buy tickets yet for anything as those dates could change. I hate that part. The closer we get to those dates, the more the ticket prices go up. I wish we could just book it, but I don't want to have to come back and worry about changing anything. Such fun.

In other news, it looks like we might come up on orders later this year. While we both love it out here, I wouldn't mind the change in scenery after losing Liv. Every where I go has some kind of memory attached, which doesn't make it easy. We'll see what the Army gods decide for us, and where we might be sent. I guess with it being a possibility, I better get in gear and start getting rid of stuff so we don't run over our HHG weight allowance. That's a nightmare I definitely don't want to have to face!

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