Saturday, March 13, 2010

Go IU Beat Purdue!

Earlier this afternoon, I was able to talk with our sweet nephew, Benjamin, on the phone. I guess he was talking with my sister, Rachelle, about various things that made them think of me. Olivia came up in conversation, as well as IU, so Rachelle thought he should give me a call. Cute Benny.

Among the topics that came up, I enjoyed hearing that he has an IU alum for a teacher. To top it off, the teacher has been teaching Ben's class German phrases! How fun! He sounded like quite the little pro when he said, "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" (Do you speak German?) After hearing of his knowledge of German, I told him to tell his mom, "Ich liebe dich." Before I could even finish explaining what that meant, he said, "I know, that means 'I love you!'" We had taught the boys that a couple summers ago, so I was surprised he remembered.

Anyways, back to his teacher being an IU alum...I found out that Ben won't wear his Purdue shirt, given to him by Aunt Deb, anymore. I guess his teacher said he will fail Ben if he wears it again, HA! Because of this, he convinced Rachelle of his dire need for IU apparel. I think it's time we get in gear and get those boys in some cream and crimson! Judah (Ben's little brother) already said he doesn't like wearing Purdue shirts because they always lose. Haha. Apparently they didn't have a great football season? I didn't keep track of it, but it appears that way from Judah's comments. All this time, Deb --being a very proud Purdue alum -- has loaded the nephews up with Purdue apparel. Well, it looks like we might have to mix it up a little with some competing IU gear in the future. Ohhhh, the joys of having a major rivalry within the family!

This license plate clearly defines my side of the family...

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