Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh, what a day...

So today was a day where I missed having James around more than normal. Why? Because sweet, precious, innocent Obadiah attracted an incredibly disgusting tick to his face. If James were home, he'd get the joy of handling that nastiness. Instead, I got the privilege of taking care of it. I'm glad I happened to give Oba some love when he came in from the backyard or I doubt I would've run across it. Without even looking, I was petting his face and felt a weird bump. Sure enough, that sucker was attached to his face and enjoying itself without Oba having any say in the matter. After finding out how to get rid of it, Oba and I headed to the bathroom with surgical gloves, rubbing alcohol, and tweezers on hand. He didn't seem too excited about this experience as he kept trying to run away when I would get close with the tweezers. As he kept jerking, I had to brace his jaw to keep him from moving while I pulled that disgusting thing off. Gross. I seriously wanted to bathe in a pool of rubbing alcohol after that. I apparently have a pretty weak stomach, because I just about had it after that experience. So disgusting!

The lovely afternoon interruption must've worn the pup out, because he slept the rest of the evening. While he enjoyed dreamland, I finally finished up Liv's photo book. Thanks to an incredibly good deal through, I decided to do a digital scrapbook of Liv's pictures rather than one by hand. I already have the supplies, but I thought this would be a lot easier. Boy was I wrong. After many hours over the duration of more than a week on and off, I finally got it finished. Upon seeing what I had completed at one point, a friend said she loves that I am so anal about things like this. I don't. It's quite a hindrance! Either way, it's done and I don't foresee myself doing another digital scrapbook for quite awhile. It's rather time consuming. I suppose it was worth the time it took though. Now we'll have a book full of Livy's pictures. I'm looking forward to receiving it in the mail to see how it looks in print vs. the image on the computer screen. We'll see just how good this Artscow website is!

While sitting here thinking about how many days we have left in the deployment and the joyous tick experience I had earlier today, I absolutely can't wait for James to get home so we can just get away. I'd much rather be here... (Pictures taken while my parents were in town, down in OR)

Yes. Yes, I'd much rather be there with James and Obadiah, than here waiting for the deployment to end. In fact, I think Oba would agree...

Although, I think he had a better time at the beach with my parents than with Deb and decide...


  1. loving that last picture. almost enough to make it my desk top photo (:

  2. I'm SO glad "the tick episode" is over for you and Obadiah!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your digital photo book of Olivia.
    How's your quilt comming along? Do you have new pictures to post?
    I enjoyed looking at your posted pictures. Very nice! (Seeing the Deb+Grant and Obadiah picture made me chuckle.)
    I'm looking forward to seeing pictures this summer, when you, James, and Obadiah will have your getaways together. :)

    with love from your mama