Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally gave in...

So for years now, I've been THAT driver that everyone hates. That's right. I fall under the category of one that drives with the cell phone attached to my ear at all times. Well, it wasn't until the other day that I learned that technically, Washington state has a law against such things. I knew Ft. Lewis did, so I get off the phone anytime I'm going on post. However, the rest of my time on the road has not been the same way. Well, upon learning of this law -- which I guess took effect in did I not know about this?!? -- I went online and ordered myself a Bluetooth. I looked up the specifics of the law to find out what exactly it entails. I guess it's considered a secondary offense, so those of us that go on our merry way without violating any other traffic offense are good to go. However, if you get pulled over for anything else, they have the right to fine you $124 for not using a hands free device. Ouch! So I gave in and bought myself a Bluetooth. I suppose I should've done it years ago, but oh well. I did now. Luckily, much to my surprise, I had some credits waiting in my account so I only ended up paying under $2 for this tiny device. Can't beat that! After waiting a few days (and continuing my normal driving habits with fear of a ticket), it arrived in the mail today. Now the question is whether or not I'll remember to grab it when I'm heading out, and more importantly, remember to actually use it. I suppose we'll see in time. At least now I won't get the dirty looks that I, myself, give others who don't pay attention to the road while driving with their cell phone attached to their ear. Personally, I don't see much of a difference since the most important issue at hand is your focus being on the conversation and not on the road, rather than your hand not being on the wheel. How many people actually drive with their hands at 10 and 2 anyways? I never do. Even if I'm not on the phone, I rarely have both hands on the wheel. Oh well. I will no longer be breaking the WA law, which I guess is a plus.

In other news, I found out another good friend is pregnant. While I don't want to rain on their parade, it's hard for me to be sincerely happy for them. I suppose it's just part of this grief business, and will fade in time like everything else. My sister, Jen, said it best. You don't move just become more numb to the situation. Well put, Jen. In time, we'll be able to hear such news and handle it with ease. Just as we'll be able to face our friends' little babies with smiles on our faces, rather than the response we have right now. The joys of it all. I'm just thankful that we've got one day left in February, and will soon be on to conquer another month.

There is much to look forward to in the coming days, as my sister, Deb, and brother in law, Grant, are flying out for a visit! It will be nice being able to show them around more than the last two times Deb was here. On her first trip out here, we rushed to get on the road, as she was helping me drive back home. It's a 3 day drive, so it was great to have her help! Then on her second trip out here, it was the weekend after we found out that Liv's heart had stopped so we did nothing but veg out and wait for James to get home on emergency leave. With that being said, this will be a much different visit. Plus, Granty's coming! He's never been out here, so we'll definitely be hitting up various landmarks. Oh, not to mention they want to get a dog, so they can practice with Obie while they're here...which means a break for me. I might even send Oba to sleep in their room so they can be the ones to wake up and let him out in the middle of the night. Ok...maybe not...but it would be nice to have the break from that craziness. I guess we'll just see if after reading all of the books about dogs and training, Deb's able to withstand Oba's demands better than she did last time she was here. There's just something about that face and those ears...Oba knows how to wrap you around his monstrous paw and get anything he demands. Below is a picture of the two of them back in December. She made Oba perform a few tricks (shake paw, sit, lay down, etc.) without giving him treats. Well, he didn't quite agree with that, so he wouldn't leave her alone and later blocked her from leaving the kitchen. Stubborn basset...

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