Monday, February 8, 2010

The attempt has been made...

So after laying low for the last 9 months, I finally blew the dust off of our elliptical and tested it out. It's been forever since I've used that thing, but figured it's about time. Not only do I need to get back in shape, but "they" claim exercise helps combat depression -- so what better time than now? With that being said, I sure didn't last as long as I anticipated. Baby steps, I suppose. In time, I'm sure I'll be able to get back to using it for an hour a day. Until then, 5-10 minutes at a time will just have to do.

To go along with exercise, after watching Food Inc. tonight, I'm a bit more motivated to buy organic foods. I've never been one to fall for the organic label. I'm too cheap to spend that much on food. I usually go with whatever's on sale each week. Even then, it has to be a really good deal with coupons for me to get it. James mocked me (all in fun, of course!) when I got excited over saving 80% on our grocery bill through coupons during my last trip to the Albertsons. I definitely couldn't do that shopping at places like Trader Joe's and those like it. Shopping for the more natural options just seem to cost more. However, that movie really shows the ugly side to the manufactured foods that we all eat - not to mention the life of those poor animals. It's just about enough to make you sick...


  1. really interested to see the balance you come up with on saving money vs organic foods. . . i'm totally with you on your line of thinking. and i guess i need to watch that movie!

  2. I just watched that movie for the first time on netflix. Now I can't walk past the ground beef and not think of manure. And I can't look at a chicken breast and think of all those chickens going crazy in the dark. I'm think of buying 1/4 of a cow or something.

  3. Well if anyone can find a way to save money on non-genetically modified foods, organics, or whatever, you'll be the person to do it!! I am amazed at how much you can save at times. However, for healthier non-mass produced foods, Trader Joe's is cheaper overall than most of the stores here. You might give it a try sometime. =)