Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A break from the heat...

It's 59 degrees outside and feels SO good! I have all of the windows open and a fan going just to cool down the house. After a week of horrible, awful heat, this feels so refreshing. It will be nice to finally get out and not feel like such a hermit. Due to the crazy heat last week (107 on Wed.), I rarely left the house. I didn't want to leave Oba in this heat, because of his severe separation anxiety. I knew it would be really hard on him, so we hung out together in front of our little window a/c unit in attempts of staying cool. I'm glad to see that the forecast is supposed to continue to cool down in the coming days and go back to the normal WA summer.

Aside from the heat, things are going well. We've got a big week ahead. I go in for the big ultrasound on Thursday, and will HOPEFULLY find out the sex of baby Moore. Below is the most recent picture taken, at 17 weeks.

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