Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lack of sleep...

Whoever tells you, "Enjoy your sleep while you can. Just wait until you have kids..." Obviously didn't meet my dog. That stubborn punk kept me up all night long. Usually telling him to go back to bed works. He may grumble, but he'll go back and lay down and try again a few hours later. No, not last night. It felt like every hour on the hour, he "needed" something. He was adamant about it too! He wouldn't stop whining, trying to give me kisses, whacking his tail against the wall, and pacing in place. The joys. The best part about nights like this, is that once he's satisfied with whatever he wants (bathroom break, more food or water, etc.), he goes right back to sleep. Yet, I, on the other hand, will just lay there wide awake. It's times like this I REALLY miss James. He always deals with Oba at night, since he can fall right back to sleep, where I struggle in that department. Oh well, here's to tonight...a hopefully incredibly peaceful sleep with a content basset hound!

On a lighter note, today marks 16 weeks into the pregnancy, and 4 weeks into the deployment! Very excited about that. I can't believe we're basically one month into the deployment already! Usually that first month crawwwwwwwls by, as it's hard to adjust to this new lifestyle. However, due to many distractions, it has been much different this time around!

Here is a picture taken at 15w4d. Baby Moore's finally starting to show himself/herself.

Overall, things are progressing nicely with the pregnancy. I've only had one scare so far. I ended up spending my entire afternoon/evening in the ER on Monday. I had called my doctor's office to see if they could fit me in, as I was feeling a little pressure down below, which isn't normal. Well, it just so happened that Monday was a full day of c-sections for my doctor. Soooo, they told me to rush to the ER and get checked immediately just to be safe. After 4 hours of waiting, I was finally taken back. They did a SUPER quick ultrasound to make sure the baby was moving around and had a strong heartbeat, then did a pelvic to ensure the cervix was closed. Turns out, they think I was slightly dehydrated. I was rather shocked by that with as much water as I have been consuming, but so be it. I ended up laying there for 2 additional hours after the initial exam while I received 2 liters of saline through an IV. At least they were proactive about the situation. After all of that, I was sent to my doctor the next day for a followup ultrasound to make sure everything was fine, and it was, so praise God for that! I was hoping to get a sneak peek into who is in there, but no such luck. All I got was the heart beat (146) and the fact that the cervix is exactly as it should be. From that, we pretty much know that the thought of an incompetent cervix is out, so that's a plus! I'm glad to have all of that behind me. Hopefully that's the first and last minor scare, and that this pregnancy continues on to be healthy and uneventful!

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