Sunday, July 12, 2009

The sound of silence...

As I sit here, Obadiah is laying next to me snoring as loud as he possibly can. Must be in a deep sleep. Cute Oba. He's been in cuddle mode the past few days. Anytime I'm on the couch, I look down and he's laying at my feet...either on my feet (keeping them warm), or as close to them as possible. When he's not asleep, he's sitting next to me, or giving me kisses. Normally, I would take the extra kisses as an ulterior motive to earn more delicious treats, but lately, he doesn't follow them with a walk to the kitchen. Feels good to be loved, ha!

On a side note, I went in for my most recent OB checkup, and everything looks good! The baby's heartbeat was 157/8, so it has gone down a bit. Hum....makes me wonder....just four more weeks until we HOPEFULLY find out the sex. I'm due to get my ultrasound around week 18, so not long!!! I just hope this kid is proud of what he/she's got and displays it openly for all to see. I know James is anxiously awaiting any news I get.

Overall, this week has gone by fairly quickly, which is AWESOME! Usually the first month of a deployment crawwwwwwwwwls by, but so far, this one hasn't. I praise God for that! I can't believe it's already Sunday in A-stan. The start of a new week, and one step closer to being done! :)

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