Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another week down!

Okay, so I'm not doing so great at updating this, but oh well. I can't believe we've already completed another week! We're officially in the 13th week of the pregnancy, which is exciting. I think I am nearly done with morning sickness, too! I still have my days of having an upset stomach, but no more staying in bed all day in misery. On Wednesday, it was great. I couldn't eat enough! Everytime I would sit down to relax, I would be hungry again, and could actually enjoy pretty much anything. I love that feeling. Unfortunately, this baby decided to test it out again, and I suffered from an upset stomach nearly all day today. Oh well. There will be good days and there will be bad. Definitely not complaining. As long as this baby is happy and healthy, I'll deal with whatever comes my way.

With celebrating another week down, we are one week into the deployment now. James is where he'll be for the duration of this deployment now. I praise God that he made it there safely. We've been fortunate enough to be able to talk everyday. I feel very lucky that he is at this particular location, as he could be elsewhere with absolutely no electronic communication. I just have to be careful and not expect daily communication. It starts to mess you up if you get that way, then go a day or two without it because of his busy schedule. No need for added stress!

An extra bonus that comes with already completing a week of the deployment...Obadiah has overcome his slump of depression. He has been laying at the top of the stairs, letting out a deep sigh with each exhale as he looks on for James. (See picture above) However, I think he's finally over that stage. Now, he just goes to the kitchen demanding dental chews 20 times a day. The rule is one a day, no more, but he seems to think that this adjustment should allow for more. Below is pretty much how I find him every hour...sitting there like an angel hoping and waiting for a dental chew (They are stored in the cabinet above, and he, of course, knows that well). Even though he is determined and stubborn, he has yet to win the battle. I doubt he's going to give up anytime soon.

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