Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's a girl!

So, I'm obviously wayyyyy behind in updating this, but oh well. On August 6th, I went in for the long anticipated ultrasound and found out we're having a baby GIRL! The ultrasound tech noticed my silence and said, "Awh, you're speechless!" While I'm incredibly excited, it took me a minute to get the idea of a boy out of my head. After all these years, and all this blue stuff that we've accumulated, I just had that on my mind. Well, it didn't take long before I was ready to transition everything to pink. The ultrasound was amusing, as Olivia Hayden (the name we've chosen for her) was incredibly laid back. She just hung out, and would occasionally stretch her legs out and wiggle her toes, but that was IT! With our first (which we lost), Jake wouldn't stop moving. I guess it's obvious who each one of these kids takes after. Jake obviously took after James with his inability to sit still, while Olivia takes after me, and is completely cool and collected, ha! It's no wonder I don't feel as much movement as I expected...I saw proof on the ultrasound how she's just hanging out in there, completely content.

Below is a shot of our proof of our baby girl...

Here we see her relaxing with her legs crossed...

While I'm going to try and hold off on buying lots of girl clothing just yet, I couldn't help but stop by Target after the ultrasound to check out what they had. Very exciting times ahead.

Below is the latest picture (19w3d):

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