Saturday, September 26, 2015

Soccer And The Letter J...

If you've never watched 4 year olds play soccer, you should. It's quite entertaining to say the least. I'm one of the coaches for our AYSO Region's U5 team and feel like I spend most of my time just reminding them to stay inside the lines, not carry the ball with their hands and most importantly not tackle each other. During one of our practices, someone clotheslined Samuel as he was running onto the field. Instead of looking hurt or offended, he got up (looking like he enjoyed it) and started running around doing it to other teammates. Luckily, he's not alone in the madness. It's definitely fun, but crazy.

Someone grabbed this shot just as we were getting ready to set up a scrimmage last week…

On another note, we're almost caught up with our Paw Patrol letters! I've been doing review this week of all the letters we've covered so far, and it's awesome to see it all click. Samuel will now sometimes write the letters by memory or just on a blank dry erase board (by request) when we review them. He still has fun initially learning the proper way of writing with the pups from PT, but once he gets it, it's fun to see him do it all on his own. 

With the letter J, I think I might finally be caught up. Feel free to click on them to download the PDF file…

And for those just now joining us with these letters, here are all the letters created so far…










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