Monday, September 21, 2015

A Look Into The Future And The Letter I…

So, we spent the weekend trying to get things knocked off the to-do list -- like laying down mulch, painting the boys' bathroom to match their stuff, etc -- and unfortunately, still didn't get through the pictures from our trip. However, I was just skimming through a couple of them with Samuel and this one made me laugh. I feel like it looks like their prom picture, only preschool style. Ha!

And speaking of preschool, Samuel has continued to surprise me with what he knows even when I feel we don't really do much to cover it with our homeschool. With things being so chaotic lately, school has been brief on occasion, but I'm glad to see it's still a success. Apparently, having him copy writing his name once a day has worked, as we now see his handwritten name on all his papers from church, MOPS, speech, etc. I love it!

With that said, we'll be focusing on the letter I this week. For those using them, here are the letter I worksheets…

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