Friday, September 18, 2015

Sweet Faces...

The house is quiet with 3 boys asleep and I know I should be doing the same thing, but instead I've been sitting here trying to finally edit a few of the images from our trip home. They bring such a huge smile. I'm so glad we were able to meet my friend and her kids in Nashville for an overnight visit! Samuel won't stop talking about his girls and asks daily if we can FaceTime. It's so so sweet!

Before heading to bed, I can't help but share some of these sweet faces…

This is the look R gave me when I asked to take her picture. Sweet R has said she's going to marry Samuel one day, ha…

Oh, but she might have to fight K over that one. Ha. There have been many times over the last year where her high for the day has been Samuel even though they haven't seen each other during that time, ha!

Sweet B…this guy was so chill and flexible with our little visit and all the running around we did. Such a handsome little guy!

Do you see that look of sheer joy? Yeah, that's the look you get when he's with his girls. Oh, the love he has for them!!!

Okay, so Caleb isn't looking at the camera in this one, but you see those teeth!!! This pokey little guy still only has 4 at almost 16 months old, but there are 2 more starting to show, ha!

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