Monday, August 10, 2015

13 Years...

Yesterday was our 13th Anniversary. Hard to believe we've been married that long! It was such a crazy year, but it ended in a great way. I said on my Facebook post that it might be one of the best yet, but then later got to thinking…wait a minute…we were absolutely miserable at Ft. Irwin and that lasted a loooonnnngggg 8 months, ha. However, the last 4 made up for it tenfold. It's hard to believe we've already been in this house 4 months -- enjoying civilian life here in southern California. Watching our two healthy boys grow up is a dream come true and knowing that James is home for good enjoying it with me is priceless.

We chose to keep our celebration low key this year. We kept to our tradition of getting pizza on our actual anniversary and decided to take it to Samuel's favorite local park and have a picnic. A little football, soccer, bike riding and just enjoying the wind blowing through the trees above us…it was a wonderful afternoon with my three boys. After living in the desert so long, I could lay there under a tree and just watch the leaves sway back and forth for hours. It's so relaxing and is something I think I took for granted while living in the land of sand. At 80 degrees and a strong breeze, I almost felt like grabbing a blanket -- what has the desert done to me?! Ha!

I decided to take my camera along to grab a few shots, but Samuel refused, so Caleb was the only one captured. I can't believe this kid is so big!

Where did my baby go?!

The only shot of the four of us was a quick selfie with the cell phone…

Celebrating 13 years…

Even though we didn't end up going out to dinner, we grabbed our favorite cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory on our way home and called it a night. It may not have been a fancy date night out, but time with our two boys is better than any night out alone.

Here's to many more years to come!

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  1. Happy Anniversary you two! Caleb looks so much like Sam in that second pic! What a cute little nugget