Friday, July 6, 2012

An Interesting Film...

So while laying there unable to sleep last night, I browsed the internet from my phone and ran across a new film coming out -- one that I had never heard of. It's apparently becoming a hot topic in the TTC/Baby Loss community. In the film, the family is told they're unable to have children so they decide to "give up" their dream, but beforehand they write down everything they can think of as what *their* kid would've been like -- the perfect child. Miraculously, that child comes to life that night and the story goes from there.

Just seeing the intro to the preview made me think of the many times James and I would think and talk about what our child would be like...what Jake, Jordan, or Olivia would've been like...what that child that we hoped for, longed for, and dreamed of would have been like. Of course, Sam is everything we ever dreamed of and more, but before Sam...that intro felt too close to home in many ways...

Well, while we both would like to go see this film, I know many will be avoiding it. What do you think about it? Too creepy? Too close to home in a good a bad way?

Here's one of the previews I found online...


  1. I saw the previews for this before Magic Mike. I thought it was kinda odd how it all happened, but I think it would be a good movie nonetheless.

  2. I don't know how I feel about it...although, it brought tears to my eyes watching it from your post. I can see why people in our community may choose not to watch it....because the reality of it all may hit to close to home and the fictional story may frustrate people knowing that growing a child in a garden cannot happen. But I like the idea of dreaming. Dreaming and believing that someday your wishes could come true. It makes for a feel good moment. I think?

  3. Part of me wants to see the film and to get lost in the fantasy of having Drew come to us as perfect as we imagined. On the other hand, I think I will end up feeling angry and sad. I think I carry too much bitterness to appreciate a film about a magical child created from the dreams buried in the garden. I can't get over the fact that it won't happen. :/

  4. I saw this preview several days ago and I remember thinking 'WHAT THE HECK?' At first, watching the couple give up on their dream of a baby and writing things down, I was wondering where it was going and thinking the babyloss community was going to get another rendition of what our life is like, acted out on screen. I think I found the idea ridiculous, that their child literally grew out of the ground where they planted their dreams of him. Maybe I was disappointed that this movie wasn't going to be a voice for us, since I find myself feeling desperate for the world to see life from our point of view. Instead, something unrealistic happens to overshadow their infertility and all is perfect. I don't know, maybe it's a sweet movie. I think I also second what Allison said above me. I think I carry too much bitterness right now. :/