Monday, March 19, 2012

A sewing fool...

That's right. Between being el cheapo and finding creative ideas online (Pinterest, anyone?), I've found myself in front of my sewing machine a little more often than normal lately. A while back, I did a few little things to revamp Samuel's room and now the focus has been on my photography gear...

Sam's lampshade and toy storage...

And now on to photography gear...

Who wants to buy a camera strap cover for $25+ when it can be made for about $3? And yay to having a lens pocket -- now I don't have to continue looking for where I put it in a hurry!

And after feeling frustration with my Canon backpack during photo sessions with it taking more time than it should to switch lenses out, I've been eyeing one of those cute/stylish camera bags that could easily be left unzipped for easy access. While they seem to be exactly what I want, the price tag isn't. Sooooo...I decided to take a bag I already had and make it into a camera bag. Between the foam padding, fabric, and velcro, the transformation only ended up costing $6 -- can't beat it! Plus, it still fit everything in there -- two lenses, the camera body + lens, flash, filters, etc. I'm one happy camper, ha.

(excuse the crappy cell phone pic)

With James leaving earlier today for some Army training, he jokingly said he's afraid of what he'll see when he gets back at the end of the month. Between my bad habit of moving furniture around when he's gone and getting the bug to do DIY/crafty things lately, he laughed just thinking of the possibilities. I suppose we'll see how things go. I definitely need to finish working on my photography website (click here and tell me what you think so far!) and do a reshoot of Samuel's Easter photos. The sweet boy was so fascinated by the grass that he wouldn't look up at me...

I was lucky to get this one...

Trying to escape and explore the great outdoors. You would think I gave him lash extensions!

After James had had enough of Samuel trying to eat grass (and bark!), it was time for a hug (or two)...

Perhaps one day soon, we will have more success at this year's Easter photos. And somewhere between now and when James gets back, I hope to finish that website. Trying to remember past html/flash knowledge has been fun, but it's slowly getting there!


  1. Love your pinterest inspired crafts!! I told my hubby I needed a sewing machine for our anniversary and he looked at me like I was crazy! Ha!

    I think Samuel's Easter pics are adorable and his lashes are ahhh-mazing!!

  2. I love that camera strap!! I have fabric for one, but have yet to do it. . . surprise, surprise :)

    And the website's looking great!

  3. LOVE the lampshade and storage bins! how did you do that? glue gun? i, too, have been doing a lot more sewing lately. part of the trouble is that i've started following some crafting blogs, so i keep seeing all these great ideas, whereas before it was out of sight, out of mind. sam's getting so big!

  4. Nah, you're not a fool, you are a sewing FIEND!!! A fiend with mad sewing skills. ;) James has reason to 'fear' that when he comes back, he'll not recognize your house. Hehe. Love those crafty sewing projects you did. And Sam wearing that little tie is just too cute.

    Your photography website is coming along. Are you going to include galleries, too? Love the idea of including the behind the name. That would be such a meaningful addition to the website. Looking forward to more. :)

  5. The camera bag looks awesome, and it's a nifty idea.

    I love the pictures of Samuel! He is growing so quickly and is such a handsome little man :)

    The website's looking good by the way!

  6. Beautiful photos of Sam! I love all of your projects! You are so talented!