Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Obieeeee!

It's official. As of yesterday, my sweet basset hound, Obadiah, is in the double digits. The poor old man is 10 YEARS old! It makes me sad to think that he's in his senior years (and has been for awhile now). The grey hair and odd ER vet visits are of no surprise at this age. I just wish he could freeze where he is and no longer age. The pup has been through everything with me -- we got him about 2 1/2 months before we got married. Sweet Oba...

Here he is at 2 months old...taking a nap under a washcloth...

And now, our old man enjoying his favorite thing in life on his birthday...a beer!

We love you, Obie! Happy Birthday, old man!


  1. Oh love that little puppy picture! So sweet. Happy Birthday pup! So glad you've had him :)

  2. Happy Birthday Obadiah!!!! My 4-legged little girl will be 10 this year too!

  3. Happy Birthday, Oba! What an adorable pup! :-)

  4. Belated happy birthday Oba!!! You old puppy dog you! <3