Thursday, December 8, 2011

LiveMore Photography...

So as I think I mentioned in a previous post, I'm stepping out a little more with my photography. It will most likely be a very slow process with how crazy life has been lately, BUT I'm excited to see where it takes me. I gave in and set up a Facebook page for it after doing the two photo sessions over the weekend. I mainly set it up so that those two families could see their photos before I was able to get a disc to them, but perhaps I will utilize it a bit more in time. Who knows. I realize that if I really want to get serious about this, I will need to set up a website. Hmmm. Maybe that will be my goal for this upcoming spring. Maybe? I suppose we'll see if I get any interest from those here locally. Who knows what the future holds, right? Either way, I'm excited. Whether it's just shooting for friends and family, or if it leads to clients outside my circle...I'm game. I just love being behind the camera. My only hope is that those that I take pictures for are pleased with the finished product...


  1. you've got one more local interested for sure! :)

  2. Love, love, love your photos. Dave has an FB account and I would have him like Live More Photography on it. :) Wish GA is not too far away from where we are, would be nice to have a photo session with you eventhough we're not photogenic in any way. Oh yeah, I forgot lightroom and photoshop can do something about that. ;D