Thursday, December 8, 2011

6 Months? Already?!?!

How on Earth is our little man 6 months old?!?! It feels like it was just yesterday that we were impatiently waiting to be induced...No, better yet, it feels like we were just protesting Christmas and the decorating of such a holiday. How has it been a year since we last prepared for Olivia's birthday -- trying to remain hopeful that this new pregnancy might work out?? With every day that passes this month, I feel like time is just going by faster and faster...almost too fast! I looked at Sam today and just wanted to soak up all the new things that he's doing -- in hopes that maybe each moment would last just a little bit longer. I love him and I love that we have him. I love that he's here -- happy, healthy and growing! I love that as we approach Livy's second birthday in Heaven, we can squeeze him and be overcome with joy of his presence while in the midst of grief. (If that even makes any is 2:30am...)

So to go along with the fact that Samuel Ryan is 6 months old...

This little man is rolling all over the place. We keep finding him doing the downward dog position in his crib in the morning -- a rather amusing/cute sight. He's learning how to move across the floor like a little wiggle worm. He doesn't quite use his limbs to pull himself across the floor yet, but he finds a way. We have one of those "move 'n crawl" toys and once he sees it, he's determined to get to it. He laughs at so much, grins at even more, and talks about everything. In fact, when our pest control rep came out, he let her know allll about his day in a very calm, nonchalant manner. He now loves to grab my hair, pull my glasses off (with a grin), and turn corners in his walker. He loves to cuddle with his little "snuggle buddy" blanket and play with his rattle toys. In fact, against my better judgement, I've let him have his little blankie during nap time if he's restless and oh my gosh(!)...he immediately grabs it, cuddles up and knocks right out! He loves eating solids and thinks the world is coming to an end if he swallows a spoonful without having another one already in his mouth ready to consume. This little boy is a bit dramatic when it comes to his food and literally tries to inhale it. He thinks his daddy is the most hilarious guy around and laughs hard at everything he does. He also seems to take after his daddy with how he calms down when faced with fast-paced/hyperactive situations. Things that would cause me to stress out and get high blood pressure calm Sam down. Is he going to be a little clone of James when it comes to personality? I'm starting to think so! That sweet boy melts my heart and there's not a day that goes by that I don't tell him how glad I am (as is James) that he's here with us.

Love this child...

Apparently, I caught him in the middle of playing with his zipper...

Proudly wearing his "Rainbow Baby" shirt...

He sure does love his blankie!

And while I'm not a fan of him sucking on his thumb, he sure is...

Love him...


  1. this post made me smile... many times!

  2. I can't believe that he's 6 months already...time has flown by! I'm so happy for you and James :) I will be thinking about you guys and Liv this month <3

  3. Aww...I love seeing Sam in his big boy clothes! Can't believe he's no longer a wee babe. Oh watch out when he starts to walk on his own. That's not too far off. ;D

  4. He's stinking cute!!! What is his necklace for? Mj would have eaten that by now!! :)