Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

While I'm not a HUGE fan of Halloween, I couldn't resist the temptation of dressing our little man up for the big day -- not to mention carve his first pumpkin!

Seeing as how I haven't carved a pumpkin since I was in 1st grade or possibly even younger -- at such an age when I'm sure I just watched and never actually carved anything myself -- I felt like the pumpkin experience was a first for both Sam and myself, ha. James didn't really care one way or the other about buying a pumpkin, but now that Sam's here, I couldn't resist. He HAD to have a carved pumpkin! At least, that was my opinion on the matter. So...we went to Fresh Market, grabbed a pumpkin, found the perfect pattern and went to town.

Samuel quietly observed, while I did the dirty work...

After a bit of frustration from buying a cheap (dull) carving knife, we finally had our finished product -- Gizmo the Gremlin. Since James used to call Sam our little gremlin as a newborn (due to his sweet little noises), we couldn't resist!

Sweet Sam and his pumpkin...

To go along with the gremlin theme, James wanted Samuel to dress up as one, but the only Gizmo costume I could find online was one that you have to sew yourself. I probably could've found the motivation to do that (somewhere), but of the examples I found of others doing so, I found them all to be a bit creepy when Gizmo is supposed to be sweet and cuddly -- not what we wanted! So...Samuel was what any cute little boy wants to be (or what they still had available in his size!)...a BAT!

Say hello to Samuel the Bat...

Sweet Sam only had to endure the costume long enough for some pictures and a local fall festival. We didn't take him trick-or-treating since he's so young, but I'm sure we will next year (when he can walk)! And now that I think of it, I forgot to dress Obadiah up in his costume from last year -- a lobster. Hum...maybe I'll have to reenact Halloween and dress Samuel and Obadiah both up for a quick photo. I guess I'll be lucky if I just remember to do it next year! I love my mother-in-law's idea for Samuel's next costume -- The Gorton Fisherman. I suppose I had better look for a yellow rain suit for next year. Between that and the lobster costume for Oba, we've got it made. Ha.


  1. I love your carved pumpkin! So cool. Sam as bat boy is just too cute. Him and Allison's BB could fly together - bat and bumblebee. :) Glad to hear you guys had a fun Halloween. Forgot to put Oba in his lobster costume huh. Oh I'm sure he didn't mind at all. XD

  2. Oh my goodness. He is adorable. I love the picture of him with the pumpkin; a perfect Halloween portrait with that expression on his face! And great job on the carving!!

  3. Samuel is so cute in his bat costume! You did an awesome job carving the pumpkin, also :)

  4. ADORABLE! Samuel is absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing these pics!

  5. first of all..that is an AWESOME pumpkin for not carving one for so many years! :) i'm impressed! :) also...samuel is the cutest bat ever! :)

  6. What a cute little bat!! It was great seeing you guys yesterday!