Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Stubborn Boy...

This week has been filled with appointments and we were reminded during each one how stubborn this child already is...

After an unexpected lunch with a friend, James and I met on Tuesday for our most recent NST, BPP, and OB exam. During the NST, Sam refused to get moving. No matter what we did, he wouldn't wake up. As a result, I got to sit there for double the amount of time until he would -- assuring us that he was still good to go. I later asked out of fear of something being wrong, but my OB said we just caught him at the wrong time and that the sleep cycle took over. It was comforting to hear her reassuring words, as we're both on edge at this point!

During that biophysical profile (BPP), we got the typical profile shot and another one of his feet...

Then fast forward to today's appointment...we went and got the 4D scan done so that we could see his face. That was something we had wanted to do with Liv, but never got around to doing. Then after losing Liv -- and having the fear of losing Sam -- James said he absolutely wanted to make sure we got it done this time around. As you can guess...Samuel refused to cooperate. He sure was cute though as he refused to work with us. The tech had me laying on my side, poking him, eating fruit strips, drinking a cold Coke...all with the hope of getting him to move around more. Nope. Instead, he just wanted to sleep. Of course, after we left the appointment, that's when he got super active -- typical, right?

Aside from the few pictures that we were able to get, we got to watch as he blinked his eyes briefly, nearly kicked himself in the eye with his big toe, and kept laying his left arm over his was definitely fun to watch our little guy do his thing...

These ultrasound techs love printing pictures of Sam's feet...

These were as close as we could get, so she is having us come back next week for another try...

Love that little man!

On another note...later in the afternoon, I finally got myself to a salon after months of putting it off and received a much needed haircut. Boy does it feel good to have inches cut off -- especially with this heat! When I got home, Obadiah participated in my poor attempt of a pic with the cell phone...

One day shy of 33 weeks with the crazy basset...

Oba was no longer interested in participating...

It's crazy to think that tomorrow marks 33 weeks! Just two weeks from tomorrow and we'll get that dreaded amnio, which will determine when we get to be induced!!! I just pray that Samuel stays healthy and active until then and gives us the final go with healthy, mature lungs!


  1. He looks to be a cutie!! I'm still praying for you!

  2. love that darling face. excited for you!

  3. soo cute, I think in that last picture of his face, he looks like you. :)

  4. precious precious precious! like julie said, his face is darling. i can totally see you in sambo! i can also see livy. i love you. can't wait to meet him!

  5. love the hair, love the dog, love that stubborn little boy. :)

  6. LOVE the photos! You are looking great too! Can't wait to "meet" the little man.

  7. The pictures of Sam are so cute as are the ones of you and Oba! I love your new haircut :)

  8. So excited that it's getting so close..and I love the pictures of Sam. Brandon and I had a much needed day together....otherwise I wanted to come so badly to the get together! It was the first day we have spent together in FOREVER and it felt so good! Would love to hang out with you SOON....although my last week of school is going to be CRAZY!! I am thinking of you friend, and praying for these last weeks to be very boring and uneventful!! I LOVE YOUR HAIR! PS> this is posting as Brandon, but you know it's Brooke :)

  9. Love the haircut and LOVE the pics and news even more so happy for you!!!