Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Good Exam and Photography Practice...

Yesterday was a LONG, but good day. Not only did we have a wonderful appointment at the doctor's office, but James tagged along to our photography group and we got some fun shots! In fact, we ended up being the subjects for a couple people wanting to practice maternity shots. We weren't exactly dressed as we would be if we knew our pictures were going to be taken, but nevertheless, I can't wait to see how they turn out!

To go back to the early morning started out with an early morning glucose test -- we all know how delicious those drinks are! Once that was over, we continued on to the waiting room to wait for our cervical length ultrasound. While waiting, we had the privilege of listening to a TV airing "I didn't know I was pregnant." I hate shows like that! James soon found the remote and took it upon himself to turn it -- shows like that just piss us off and being that we're already on the edge, we didn't need that. Before we knew it, the ultrasound tech called us back and we anxiously waited to see our little boy on the big screen...

I'm relieved to say that things are still looking good and our little guy is active and quite proud of himself. After she measured my cervix (which is now at 4.7cm!), she let us watch Sam for a few. He was initially sucking his thumb, but quit immediately upon us watching him. He reminded us, yet again, of his male parts and even gave the tech a good laugh at how proud he was. As we continued on, he stretched himself out, as if he was looking up to the sky and stretching his neck and back out as far as they would go. Once that good stretch was out of the way, he laid there, resting his head on his hand just vegging out. What a continued sigh of relief to see him active and healthy!

Here's Samuel Ryan at 25 1/2 weeks...

Once the ultrasound was over, we waited for what felt like forever to see my OB and continued with the regular monthly exam -- including the fundal height measurement and doppler reading of his heart. Sam kept kicking the doppler, but she finally got a good reading in the 140s for his heart rate. She was pleased with how things were measuring, and then gave me the good news that I passed the glucose test. Since I just barely failed the 1 hr test with Liv (but passed the 3 hr test without issue), I was worried that history would repeat itself. Glad that wasn't the case! It's a pain sitting there for 3 hours!

Unlike past exams, we sat and talked in more depth about future appointments and what's to come. We'll start the NSTs at 32 weeks, as well as the steroid shots. When we got to the induction plans, she forewarned us that his lungs very well might not be ready at 35 weeks, but if not, she will NOT let him go past 36 weeks, so we can count on meeting him absolutely no later than June 10th (hopefully!). She made us both laugh when she said, "Little white boys may grow up to rule the world, but they come out with wimpy lungs." Ha! I guess we'll see if those steroid shots help and prepare him for an early arrival. Only time will tell. In the meantime, he just has to remain healthy and keep that strong heartbeat! Grow, Sam, Grow!

So after such a good appointment, we went out for lunch before James went back to work and I went back home -- fully intending on taking a nap! I hadn't gotten much sleep and was totally worn out, so the bed sounded quite nice. Unfortunately, due to various interruptions (like a nice long talk with the landlord about the discovery of termites in our house), that nap never came to be. Oh well. Before I knew it, we had to head out for photography group and it was on to more time in the cage for Oba and a little bit of learning for me.

There were only a few of us that were able to attend last night, but among those that did, some got to model in various ways while others practiced...

Perhaps when I'm no longer pregnant, I'll be brave enough to get on this tandem bike!

Typical serious faces allowed...

Brooke, the leader of our group...

Our models for the evening...

The hubs again...

By no means are my pictures professional, but it's definitely been a learning experience! Who knows...maybe if Sam makes it, I'll be able to get the hang of things by then and take his monthly pictures rather than paying to have them done! It's hard to think with the mentality of him actually making it, but boy would that be great! I can see it now...Sambo and Oba -- one crying and one grumbling in annoyance because of those cries...

Hopefully I'll be able to see a couple of those taken of us next week and possibly post some of them at some point -- assuming those that took the pictures are comfortable with that!


  1. I am so glad that you had such a wonderful and reassuring appt! Gotta love that :) I am so excited that you have a tentative date for Sam's big entrance, I certainly can't wait to meet him! I LOVE the pictures, I need a lesson! :)

  2. I'm happy to read that you had a good appointment. I am continuing my prayers for you, husband and baby.

  3. Love the pics!!! I would love it if you could post the settings with them....i know, i don't do this, but half the time I am winging I have a project for my photgraphy class, and since it is more structured than my portrair shoots, I will post the settings I use:-) I will be posting my assignment and asking for suggestions for the various categories...what the HECK do you take for "reincarnation" or "utopia"?!?!?! Seriously!?!? I was thinking of going people watching and taking a pic of a family playing in the park as utopia though:-) since I may have an eye for photography, but when given a specific thing to take pics of, I am not the most

  4. Wonderful news! Grow Sam Grow is right! We had even talked about induction on June 10th, so that would be something else if these two guys entered the world around the same time!

  5. We had fun taking your pictures :) Sorry to make you take a long walk! :)

  6. Great pictures!
    I am so so so happy to hear that Sam had yet another perfect appointment. He continues to do so well! I love what the doctor said about little white cute! I am glad that the doctor talked with you about future plans. I bet it's nice to know that June 10th is on the horizon! And congrats on passing the glucose test! :-) Sending you support, cheers, and lots of love!