Friday, January 28, 2011

Wild And Crazy Dreams...

Here we are...17 weeks into the pregnancy, and the dreams just keep getting nuttier. Last night, I woke up at 2am catching my breath like I had just ran a marathon and was infuriated with the poor hubs -- all because of a stupid dream. Not too long after that, I fell back to sleep and had another insane dream. These need to stop. I'm glad that I'm getting such a deep sleep -- I mean, I'm waking up SO refreshed! Yet, I'd love to dream about something somewhat normal -- something that when I tell James about it later, it won't lead to a huge laugh on his part as I wonder why that was even in my dream. I would describe them to you, but you would think I was on some kind of illegal drug. Gotta love it. I usually don't need to be preggo to have nutty dreams, but they are definitely intensified when I am...

On a brighter note, I woke up at 7:30am totally ready to start my day. For those of you that know me, know that this is NOT normal -- I'm usually a zombie in the morning regardless of how much sleep I get! When I got up, I made Oba get up to take a bathroom break since he typically likes to wake me up at that time anyways for such things, but he could barely move. He went straight back to his bed in the bedroom and crashed afterwards. It's usually the other way around at that time of day. After about 20 minutes, he realized that I wasn't going to join him, so he slowly -- eyes half open -- walked to his living room blanket, grumbled, and laid down. I guess he didn't want to be alone, ha.

Here's to peaceful sleep...hopefully we'll all have one tonight! Oh, and here's to making it to 17 weeks!!! Grow, Samuel, Grow -- and keep that strong heartbeat!!!

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  1. Funny that I just mentioned my crazy dreams and then I saw your post! :-) Don’t you just love the subconscious world Sam is creating for you? I must say that world is much more adventurous than my daily existence. When it comes to some dreams, that is perfectly fine! I am cheering Samuel along too! Big Big hugs!