Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Update On Spud...

Well, here we are...13w5d. We're slowly edging further into the pregnancy. With each day that passes, I think we both are getting a little more excited -- yet still holding up quite the wall of protection for fear of losing Spud. Nonetheless, things seem to be going well according to the docs, so that's a huge sigh of relief!

When I went in for the NT scan and weekly shot yesterday, I ended up also (much to my surprise) having a regular checkup with my OB. I wasn't originally supposed to see her again until the 18th, but someone messed up when they scheduled all of my appointments -- I guess I can't complain with that! So we scratched the appointment on the 18th, and will plan on seeing her again in 4 weeks instead. I think this will work out for the best...that way my OB and Peri appointments will be on opposite schedules -- meaning, I get to see some kind of doc every 2 weeks.

As of yesterday, things still look great with Spud's development. Minus waiting for the blood work results, the NT scan went well, and there's no sign of concern -- yay for that! The ultrasound tech was great. You can tell she has a real passion for her job and seeing those babies on the screen. Upon putting the wand on my stomach, she immediately laughed and commented on how Spud was sitting on his/her head upside down. After moving around a little (and being disturbed by that evil ultrasound machine), Spud decided to call it a day and take a nap. As a result, the stubborn kid would not participate with the tech, as she wanted to try and get some good shots of Spud's face. She had the 4D wand out, but all we could see was Spud sitting there with his/her arm resting across his/her face. When we saw this, James laughed out loud. Reason being, I sleep like this a lot. He has always commented on how he doesn't get how that can be even remotely comfortable, yet there was Spud...doing the exact same thing.

After watching Spud further and finishing up the real reason for the scan, the tech said she was going to try and find out the gender for us. I was rather surprised, as I didn't think you could find out this early! She then said that it's still only a 60% guarantee, but it's worth a shot. Either way, Spud wasn't going to work with us, so that was a no go. Like Liv, Spud sat there with his/her legs stretched out and crossed -- talk about making himself/herself comfortable! Then when she went in for the check, Spud sat on his/her legs, so there was absolutely no chance of finding out who's in there. The tech was determined, and even made me roll from side to side in hopes of getting Spud to move. When that didn't work, she continued to tap on my stomach trying to wake the kid up and move around, but Spud was unwilling to cooperate, so we called it a day. We were game either way...unlike in the past, I'm in no rush to find out the gender...but if she was going to keep the ultrasound going, I wasn't going to stop her...

Here are the ultrasound pics from yesterday... (She didn't print any of the 4d images since Spud didn't cooperate...)

With a healthy 158 bpm heart rate...

An image of Spud while she was doing the measurements for the NT scan...

And the best part of the ultrasound...Seeing Spud cover his/her eyes like me...

On another note, I always find it amazing how different each pregnancy is...

Jake had me horribly sick for 19 weeks with very little interest in any kind of food beyond pizza and PBJs -- all of which gave me heartburn so bad that I couldn't sleep on anything but the recliner (and even then, I was in misery)...

Liv was much easier on me with only 12 weeks of morning sickness and no heartburn at ALL, yet a horrible aversion to pineapple -- so much so that we couldn't enjoy the Dole Plantation in Hawaii because I could barely handle the smell of the place...

Spud, so far, has been fairly similar to Liv, as I only had real morning sickness for about 12 1/2 weeks -- it's starting to fade away more and more now and I'm starting to feel more energetic. Plus, what little heartburn I do get, it's so minimal that Tums takes care of it (I swear that's just candy in disguise!). I have way more aversions to food this time around, yet still not as many as I did with Jake. Most recently, James and I have both laughed about how much I've been wanting pineapple, yet I couldn't bear the sight of it with Liv...

Gotta love it. With each new day that we get with Spud, we can take note on more and more little hints of his/her personality, which I love. As of now, it's obvious that this kid is clearly stubborn...I wonder where that comes from? :)


  1. I love the pic with the Spud covering his/her eyes. Looks like s/he playing peek-a-boo on the ultrasound. :) Aversion to pineapple? And you were in Hawaii? The whole place is pineapple island. hehe. Glad you had good appointments. Now on to enjoying the second trimester. Grow Spud grow! <3

  2. How wonderful! I love the pictures that you were able to get of Spud. It is so much fun to see how their little personalities are forming even from these early stages. I am so excited for you and James!

  3. I have warm fuzzies in my heart for you P. ♥ Those are awesome U/S pics. What a little goofball! Just gotta love 'em.

  4. I am so glad things are going so are often on my mind friend, and I am praying that your family is finally blessed with a happy healthy baby! sorry Spud wasnt cooperating:-) lol.

  5. Congratulations! Ultrasound pictures are so amazing. We can see and learn so much about our babies personalities at such a young age. I'm glad the pregnancy is progressing well :)

  6. I love that you get to see a doctor every 2 weeks! I'm hoping I can work something like that out too next time I'm pregnant.

    And I'm even more glad that Spud is looking so good!

    I hope that morning sickness is completely gone by now!