Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Livy Bear...

Yesterday was a good day. What made it such a good day was what arrived in the mail. I definitely wasn't expecting it, nor was Oba. When the door bell rang, he awoke from his nap and let out a huge nasty bark so as to let that poor mailman know that he's not allowed around these parts. He went to the door and played guard duty for a good 30 minutes after I picked up the box, too. So while I was opening this unexpected box, there Oba sat...staring out the front window with his tail straight back and ears back, ready to attack if need be -- not that anyone would be afraid of a 2 ft. tall basset, but still.

I'm glad Oba kept himself busy, since that box happened to hold in it our long awaited Olivia Bear from Molly Bears!!! Had Oba watched the opening of that box, he probably would've eyed that bear in hopes that it was for him, but luckily there was none of that going on. Instead, his momma had a little breakdown while I held this sweet bear.

For those unfamiliar with Molly Bears, it's an AMAZING organization that started in 2010. A family in San Diego lost their sweet angel and were given a weighted bear as a gift. As a result, she started making them for other angel mommies and charge nothing to the families. She works on donations only, so she will definitely be receiving one from us! For those of you looking for a good place for that yearly donation, here it is! With your help, more and more angel families can fill their arms with a bear that weighs the exact same as their angel in Heaven.

I really didn't think it would hit me as hard as it did when holding this adorable bear. It's been over a year since we last held Liv, so to hold this bear that weighs exactly 5 lbs. 10 oz. -- it's indescribable. We will forever cherish this wonderful gift, as it's the closest thing we have to holding our baby girl again.

We're going to have to keep a good eye on this rotten basset though, as he's already made the attempt at making it his. While sitting on the couch, I had the Olivia Bear next to me. Oba came up with his own stuffed animal and tried to make a trade -- he likes to do this with lots of things. It's as if he thinks we won't notice if he tries to put something in the place of what he wants. So he brought his stuffed animal up, dropped it in front of the couch, then jumped up to try and get the Livy Bear. Yeah, he got a lecture for that one. I don't think I was quite successful at laying the fear of God in him, but if he tries that again, he very well might feel it! That sneaky basset!

When James got home, he very much looked forward to seeing the bear. He stood there and paused as he took it to hold. As he looked at it, I could tell he was feeling the same way I did earlier when I first received it. He said exactly what I thought to myself, too. "Wow, she weighed this much?" It's amazing the little things we forget -- especially since that's the last thing you're thinking about when they first hand you your child in the hospital. Yet, once we held that bear, it was like we had a flashback to that night in the delivery room -- in a good, but bittersweet way.

We both love this bear -- absolutely LOVE it! In the picture, you can't tell, but our Olivia Bear is personalized with little green/brown hair bows on the ears and a green butterfly on her chest. It's perfect...

On a rather amusing note -- at least to me...Just as James and I were getting ready for bed, I noticed something that made me laugh out loud. James was in the master bathroom brushing his teeth when I walked into the bedroom and saw this on my side of the bed...

I guess James wanted to make sure the Liv Bear was comfortable...laying there with my eye pillow. Of course, this bear will not be finding itself in our bed -- so as not to wear it out too quickly -- but I just loved that. It definitely brought a smile to my face...

Last but not least...After I was done finding a safe place -- away from Oba -- for the Liv Bear, I looked down and this is how I saw Oba...

Apparently, James made sure he was tucked in and ready for bed -- such a spoiled pup!


  1. I've NEVER heard of Molly Bears!! Thank you for eh information!!

    I will definitely check it out

    Your bear is beautiful

  2. I love your Livy bear, it turned out so well! It is amazing how much comfort the little things bring. Sending love <3
    P.S. I love the new look of your blog!!

  3. I'm glad you got your Olivia Bear, it is so sweet :)

  4. Molly Bears is such a neat idea! And I love your Livy Bear! So cute!

    I just "liked" them on FB after checking out their website! Seriously, such a fab idea!

    Anyways, love the new blog look too!

  5. I just wanted to tell you again how much I love Liv's bear! <3 <3 <3 I am so glad that you received it this week. It’s beautiful and so incredibly special. How funny that Oba tried to make a trade…sneaky puppy dog! I laughed when you mentioned laying the fear of God in him! :-) Sending you big hugs!

  6. I have never heard of those bears, that is awesome!!! I LOVED reading your post about MYCHURCH. I know that it hurts after one loss, and I know your loss is even greater. I am so sorry for what you have gone through. I am so glad you tried out our church. It is such an accepting and loving place, willing to walk you through any place that you are with God....whether you feel like kicking him or you're walking alongside him. I would love to meet you if you come back. Sounds like we have a lot in common!! Oh, and what a crazy God ordained coincidence, that I would be on stage the weekend you came!!! CRAZY!! I hope you had a great weekend!!!