Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Look...

As you can see, I just finished updating the look of this blog. I recently found out that my old background was no longer going to be available as of Feb. 1st, so I had no choice but to mix things up a little.

The old background had a very special meaning to me, as it was nearly identical to some scrapbook paper that I had bought specifically for Liv's book prior to her passing, so it just fit. However, I suppose with Samuel now in the picture, it needed an update anyways.

Along with a change in looks, I also updated the title and brought it back to something somewhat close to the original. When I first started this blog in the summer of 2009, I had titled it, "Life As A Moore." However, once Liv died, I changed the title and the URL -- everything. I knew that everything I wrote would be focused around her, so why not? Of course, our lives are continually changing and I suppose the blog will change in the process.

We still miss Livy with every breath -- as we miss Jake and Jordan, too -- yet I figured this new title was fitting. Hope...that is definitely what has brought us through the last year, and what continues to bring us through each day...


  1. I love the new look!! It looks wonderful!! Bless you sweetheart

  2. Very nice!!!! How do you even create these? I have no clue. lol

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  4. Looks fabulous, hun. What a nice look...I can understand feeling a little sad about changing when the look was so closely connected to Livy. Glad you found something you like anyways. ((hugs))

  5. You guys are too sweet. Thanks. :)

    Lora, the side panels are from ShabbyBlogs, and the header and tabs were created with Photoshop. :)