Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Nice Surprise!

With less than 2 weeks away until Olivia's 1st Birthday/Angelversary, I received a nice surprise earlier today...

As it turns out, a very dear friend of mine wanted to send me something that I could have with me at all times as a way of remembering our baby girl. So, so sweet!

When I got a hold of her to tell her that I had received it (and thank her!), she explained to me how she wanted my full name engraved on it, but of course, it cut off at the "a" -- I had to laugh, as that's typical with my long name. So instead, she hoped I would like it alright with just my nickname. She also explained how she wanted it to be symmetrical and had Liv and my birthstones on the outside with James' in the middle, since Liv and I share the same one, etc. What a thoughtful gift!!!

It's little things like that, that can totally light up your day. Not to mention the fact that it is yet another reminder that others close to us are honoring Livy, too! I just love it!

Thank you, Court!


  1. What a wonderful friend and a beautiful gift!

  2. That's thoughtful of your friend! :)

  3. Wow...what a sweet gift. :) Love it... Thinking about you lots.