Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eventful Day...

Well...thanks to ANOTHER attack of the ants (yeah, yesterday was fun!), I gave in and called a pest control company. Luckily, a friend referred me to one that was significantly cheaper than Terminix, but just as good, if not better! The tech came out this afternoon and sprayed inside, outside, and even got in the attic to attack those evil ants. I went over and over again asking about whether or not the spray was safe with being pregnant, and he guaranteed that what they use inside the house is so diluted that it is totally safe -- he even sprayed while his wife was preggo. He also promised that it was safe for the basset. In fact, Oba was sniffing the bottle and the tech said he would have to drink a couple gallons before it would hurt him. Of course, our invincible pup has licked antifreeze before and never showed signs of illness, so I'm sure it would take more than that! That nosey hound!

Anyways. He reassured me that we shouldn't be seeing anymore ants anytime soon, and that what he used on the outside of the house is so heavy duty that by law, you can only spray it every 6 months. Crazy! Either way, those darn ants better leave and never come back -- at least until our quarterly appointment comes around again.

Even though I was guaranteed of the safety behind their product, once he left, I took Oba for a car ride so that we could let the house air out. I just really don't want to take any risks. While we were out, I decided to grab some Taco Bell since oddly enough, that always sits well while pregnant. While we were sitting there in the parking lot -- Oba staring at others around us while I ate -- I received a call from my OB. Much to my surprise, they were able to set me up with an appointment with the MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor) in Atlanta for THIS Friday! Of course, wouldn't you know it...I had planned on leaving town on Thursday. While trying to reschedule it, I soon realized that I was lucky to even get this appointment since they squeezed me in, so I had better keep it. So I guess James won't be seeing me until Friday night. Maybe this will work out for the best, though. Friday will mark the day that I found out Olivia's heart stopped, so it will be comforting to have the same day spent a year later hopefully verifying that the Spud is healthy! Talk about a great way to help calm the nerves!

Now I just have to make sure the insurance side of things is a go. In order to see this doc, I still need another referral from my OB, and according to my insurance company, that has yet to be done. Referrals are a pain, but I know how the system works, so hopefully tomorrow won't be spent stressing over it. While talking to my insurance company this evening, they guaranteed that I'll be totally covered -- considering our history -- but I still need that shiny paper in my hands to verify it. Gotta love it!

So yeah, after a full day of excitement (Oba sure loved that visitor coming over!), I'm beat. Too bad I can't pass out as quickly as Oba. When we got home, he grabbed a toy to keep him company and jumped right back on the bed. He is currently playing the role of a bed hog, as he's sprawled out in the middle of the bed, dead asleep with his toy by his side -- such a spoiled pup! Ha. I really think it's his goal to just completely take it over and kick me to the guest bed with the way he's hogging it. Oh well. Let the grumbling begin when he is rudely woken up by me pushing him to one side....


  1. glad you're getting the extra care you deserve. Oba is such a silly dog, Hoosier is a major bed hog and she isn't very big

  2. I hope all goes well Friday! I will be thinking of you!!

  3. Praying all goes well on friday for you. It will be nerve wrecking but you will also be relieved as well.
    I had my specialist appointment with this rainbow on my angel's 1st birthday. I took it as a sign from my Sami letting me see for myself that this little one is here to stay.

  4. I am glad that you and Oba had an eventful day together. I am sure he enjoyed all of the excitement. I am thrilled that your OB got you an appt. with the specialist so soon. I will be thinking about you and sending you prayers on Friday. Sending love your way! <3 <3 <3