Monday, November 22, 2010

I've Just About Had It...

...with these companies that can't seem to send out a correct bill or give you accurate information! AT&T, DIRECTV, and XM Radio are officially on my hate list. I've spent the past few days being very irritated with these guys, and it shouldn't be that way. I just don't understand why it has to be so difficult!

For two months straight now, we've been battling it out with AT&T (and DIRECTV), and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. I'm really starting to think we should've chosen another outlet for internet/cable service now. Initially, we had issues with the installation process and getting the package that we actually ordered (one issue being that they set us up with the slowest internet connection instead of the fastest like we had ordered, etc.). Then once the first bill came, we've had nothing but issues with that. Don't tell me a price, show a price on your website, then charge me something else!

Every time I call these companies, I end up having to demand a manager and half the time, that doesn't even help. After hours on the phone, I go away thinking that we're good to go and that by the time the next bill comes, things will be fixed and we'll be done with this mess. Wrong. I think after the countless hours wasted with them over the last two months -- with little to no resolution -- the BBB might be contacted. It's totally not worth the stress anymore, ugh.

It makes me they mess up the bills purposely just hoping that those that don't pay attention will blindly pay it? I wouldn't put it past them. After all, they offer a cheaper monthly rate if you do the automatic payment plan. Perhaps they hope you won't notice what's actually going on your credit card...

The same goes for XM Radio...I've had no complaints with them until Friday. With the new truck came a 3 month free trial, and since James liked it so much, we kept the service after that ended. Plus, thanks to one of my sisters, I found out that they always offer promotional rates -- making it too good to pass up. Unfortunately, they don't seem to do a good job at following through. Back in August, I called to set up the continued service under a promo, and was told that I would be getting 5 months worth for a certain price and that we were good to go. After receiving my confirmation number, I went on my merry way. Then comes this past Friday, when I checked our credit card balance and saw that we had a surprise charge from them. I called after wondering what on earth that was for, only to find out that the "promo rate" was never put on our account, and that until now, we were supposedly not receiving any kind of deal and that they just now finally billed us. Yeah, that's a no-go. After awhile of working with the rep to get all of that fixed (mind you, she was super nice and willing to fix the issue -- DTV and AT&T need to take lessons!), I left the phone call expecting a credit to our credit card account within 24 hours and no more charges until April of next year.

So after all of that...I didn't know whether to laugh or growl when I saw our cc account this morning. Not only was there no credit, but there was a new charge similar to the last incorrect one last week. What on earth! Really? We really have to play this game?

I was telling a friend today that I almost miss the days when we had like 3 bills in Germany and that was it. Sure, it was simple living, but we didn't have to deal with these customer service reps monthly, while trying to fix mistakes on our bill....

I'm sure this is a near laughable/ridiculous blog posting to read, but it's been driving me absolutely insane. I know I could just tell them where to shove it, cancel service, and go elsewhere, but I doubt it'd be better anywhere else. I just really wish these companies would get their act together!

On a happier note, the new Harry Potter movie was pretty good. Now we just have to wait 8 more months to see how it ends (for those of us that haven't read the books)...


  1. I hear ya girl! I always write down the name of the person I spoke to and sometimes they have a case number. I always ask for the same person when I call back. :) then there is no run around because you spoke with them first, have the case id etc etc. good luck!

  2. Yeah. I always get their name, their employee number (if they'll give it to me), a confirmation number of some kind to prove that we did what we did, and the time and date. Unfortunately, I have no way of ever getting the same person twice. The customer service numbers are so generic that I seem to get a different office every time I call -- sometimes they're in FL, GA, SC, or *of course* India. I always try and make sure they leave notes on the account (at least they claim that they do) so the next person knows, though. Not that it helps...I end up repeating myself on the next call.

    I was lucky this last time...the AT&T guy gave me his office email and told me to contact him directly with further issues because he felt so bad for us and this headache of a situation. Too bad the rest aren't like that, ha! :)