Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear, South...

I'm not sure that I like you all that much...You and your humidity, nasty storms, red clay dirt, and BUGS!

Overall, it's been pretty uneventful around here lately. I've spent my days laying low, feeling sick, and watching a certain basset whine out of boredom. Of course, we did have a little excitement earlier this evening. Not only were we reintroduced to tornado-threatening type weather (man, I miss the PNW! Never a nasty cloud in the sky, just innocent little rain clouds!), but we were also introduced to something that's probably quite normal down here in the South...bugs.

When James got home from work, the first thing he did was ask if I had noticed the nasty clouds and horrible weather in general. He said it looked pretty bad from his office, and well...we're just not used to this anymore. Luckily, it never got TOO bad, but the color of the sky was enough to get our attention. Apparently, AL had some pretty nasty tornado warnings, and I'm sure they could've easily come our way since we're right on the border. Ugh.

Soon after that conversation...upon walking to the kitchen...James yelled out in disgust/shock a few choice words, so I jumped up to see what was wrong -- ok, maybe "jumped up" is a bit far-fetched...I got up slowly in my nausea-filled state. As it turns out, we had quite the little invasion of an ant army attacking our kitchen in droves from the kitchen nook/patio wall. Vomit! Never have we dealt with this junk, and I really hope this first is also our last. There's just something disgusting to me about a massive amount of ants *inside our home*...1 ant? Sure, I'm okay with...100+? No, not at all.

Looking back, I do remember having issues with roaches when we first moved here, but they never turned into rude house guests and invited themselves in for dinner. They stayed on the patio (there's a weird drain nearby, which I'm sure attracts them) and since roaches gross James out more than nearly anything else on Earth, the sight of them puts him in battle mode. He immediately went and bought traps, those plug-ins that deter bugs and tons of insecticide, which appears to have done its job. No longer do we ever see them, so I haven't thought much about it. That is...until tonight...when we got these new uninvited guests...

Apparently, spraying around the house every 2 months isn't enough around here, as they came from the baseboards and headed straight for the trashcan. Gross! I'm sure this is slightly laughable that we would get so grossed out by this, but I'm just not meant for bugs. In fact, if I had it my way, James would exterminate even the daddy long legs that camp out on our front porch. He won't since they're harmless, but harmless or not, they need to go in my opinion! (Clearly, you won't be seeing me camping in the woods anytime soon...I'm quite the pansy when it comes to creepy crawlies....or apparently, even ants...ha.)

With being preggo and all, James got to take on the job of killing and cleaning after we noticed that party going on in the kitchen. While doing that, Oba and I camped out in the bedroom and I listened as he grumbled/cried/whined at the door. Oh, the hard life that basset has! Since the kitchen is right outside our bedroom door, we didn't want him stomping and tracking those pests around the house -- that would've made our night even more enjoyable I'm sure...

So while I sit back and try to do what I can to avoid getting sick, James gets to play pest control tomorrow after work. If this doesn't cut it and we start to find more of these nasty things, I think it'll be time to call Terminix. Yuck! Right about now, I'm REALLY missing WA. The most we ever dealt with over there were slugs, and while some are grossed out by them, I could care less. They never invite themselves into our home, so I never had any complaints...


  1. LOL. I live in S. Florida and dislike the bugs just as much as you! Be grateful that there are no roaches! To combat and prevent the little critters, we have a pest control company that comes every month for preventative maintenance. Its the best $40 bucks we spend monthly and worth the sacrifice.
    So sorry that you are not adjusting to the stickiness, trust me - you will get used to it. in fact, I barely notice it anymore.

  2. We've run into the same problem - ant invasion - even in our master's bedroom! UGH. I had to get rid of them myself since Dave, the usual terminator, was at work and I can't have them freely crawling on everything in the bedroom. I banned any food/drinks in any of the bedrooms now. But just the weekend, we got invaded in the kitchen. Argh. I let Dave deal with it, just looking at the disaster irritates me. I think it's because of the rain and cold that ants seem to seek out whatever food crumb they could get. *sigh* So to prevent them from coming in, Dave sprayed our house perimeter, doorways, window sills on the outside. But the critters are enterprising, they find a way in no matter what. Now if I see one I tell Dave, "Looks like they've sent a scout to scope out our area. Quick, get rid of it." LOL. I don't dislike ants but I wish they would just stay outdoors.

  3. i HATE and humidity, and storms, and red my thought is, if we ever move, georgia is, maybe we will be stationed with you next time you PCS:-)

  4. Oh I remember those days. Hang in there. Like Marie, we finally broke down and brought in a pest control company. It was the only way to control the critters. You would think two cats would do the job...not spoiled indoor cats I guess :)