Sunday, October 24, 2010

Obadiah And The Vet...

So while going through my Indy pictures just now, I realized that I didn't mention Obadiah's experience at the vet! Poor, emotional Obadiah...he so cannot handle any length of time spent in a vet's office. The moment he steps in the door, sees that metal scale and realizes where he is, he starts shaking. It's as if the poor pup has PTSD from his past two surgeries. He's no fool, and associates nothing but evilness with the vet's office.

Well, this particular visit was no different. It just so happened that Oba's vet visit ended up occurring while we were in Indy. He had been to this vet in the past, but familiarity didn't help the situation. He was happy as he pranced up to the entrance, but once we stepped foot inside, his prance came to a screeching halt. He was no longer happy, and instead, was in a state of panic. James consoled him as he leaned against James' leg shaking. It really is quite pathetic to watch. Unfortunately for Oba, it was a requirement that he go since he needed a couple annual shots as well as a new script for his heartworm preventatives. This required that they take blood work to verify that he tests negative for heartworm...

You can't help be feel sorry for him. He can't even look at the vet when she takes his blood, ha.

I think the best part was when we were leaving the exam room. The vet said in amazement how she couldn't believe how big Obadiah was. She went on to say, "you just don't see bassets that big!" Right as she made that comment, Obadiah looked back at her with this look like, "EXCUSE ME?!?!" The way Oba stopped in his tracks and looked back at her, you would think he was insulted! The vet was thrown off by his response and laughed. She said, "Oh! I just mean you're big-boned! You're not fat!" Haha. We all chuckled over that as we walked back to the waiting area. Oh, Oba. He may be just a pup, but he's definitely one with attitude! Coming from experience, a few of our friends can vouch for the fact that you don't insult him to his face. He'll let you know what he thinks of that -- either by evil looks, grumbling at you, or marking you...Talk about a rebellious teenager!


  1. Obadiah is adorable! I love the look that he gave the vet and I felt so bad for him about being scared to be there.

  2. haha...that's hillarious!! :) Poor baby...sounds like my Zeus...a rebellious pansy!

  3. Poor Oba, don't want any needle being stuck in him. But I think he was more hurt by the vet's comment. If he could talk, he'd probably say, "Lady, you don't know what you're talking about. I'm a star in San Francisco. Everybody love the big-boned me over there. Hmph!" haha. Tobi just got his annual shots this month and he did well. Probably because Dave was the one who took him to the vet. If it was me, he'll whine his arse off. Also, I laughed at Rhiannon's comment about her doggy...a rebellious pansy! Oh if only our dogs could hear us. Whatever would they say about US. XD

  4. Poor Oba! I bet he was very insulted after going through all that! :) I love that he has so much attitude! Adorable, as always.

  5. Oh Oba.....he is soooo darn cute!!! Reagan hates the vet too, but Rowdy LOVES it, because he knows he gets a hamburger from McDonalds after:-) LOL