Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Sweet Gift...

So, with Livy being buried in our hometown, we obviously don't get to visit her grave very often. In fact, James hasn't been there since the funeral (thanks to the deployment). Instead, we get to view pictures from family. Livy's grandparents (on both sides) visit her grave quite often and whenever they do, they take pictures/video for us. We greatly appreciate these since we are so far away!

With fall being just around the corner, my mother-in-law switched out the summer themed basket and flowers that were decorating Liv's grave and put down something more fitting. The flowers are fall-themed and more specifically, she based the decor around our son's birthday (Sept. 4th). When she sent the pictures, she explained that the basket and butterfly are blue for Jake. Too sweet!
Well, I'm a little late in sharing this, but for Jake's birthday, she laid a stone down in front of Liv's grave. I love the quote...
She said that after his birthday, she would take it back, clean it off, and give it to us when we pass through town later this month. What a thoughtful gift! If we didn't move around so much -- and because of that, RENT! -- I would definitely plant a tree for our babies and lay this nearby. Who knows...maybe at this next house, we could plant something and put it in the backyard -- assuming the owners would allow it. Perhaps we could do something like annual flowers that are more temporary and would only last during the time that we live there...


  1. That is so awesome that y'alls parents take pictures and videos of Olivia's grave. So thoughtful, I know that must mean a lot since you aren't close. I love that quote, too, so true. Those little angels leave the biggest imprint on our hearts.

    I think planting anything would be a nice memorial to your babies. We are planting a magnolia tree on Harper's due date and just plan to plant another one when we move.

  2. I think planting is a good idea. Did you ever think about planting something at your parents house so you have a tree (or something) permanent and then also planting something each time you move?