Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Please go away!

So, on the last day of our cruise, I picked up some kind of sickness and it's still lingering on. While I'm thankful that I caught it towards the end of our trip, I wish that with all of the disinfectant they make you use on board the ship (they get a bit obsessive!), I would've been able to avoid this.

Since we've been home, the only thing that I've accomplished is loading the pictures on to Facebook -- which I just now got done with. The rest of the time, I've been a bum on the couch feeling like crap. Even with our anniversary yesterday, our extent of getting out of the house included picking up the pizza and renting a movie. Ugh, I hate being sick...

With that being said, it sure is great having James home! Oba goes straight to him when he feels that he needs something, while I lay in misery. Hopefully this crazy bug goes away soon. I haven't felt like this since last October, when I picked up some kind of crazy bug and lived in front of a humidifier for two weeks. Oh, the joys of sickness! Hopefully it will go away soon!