Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Complicated...

So, even though James had the day off today (perfect excuse to get out of town for a few days!), we agreed that we'd stay local this weekend and get a few things done that we've been putting off. With our upcoming move, these things absolutely have to be done and our procrastination has lasted long enough.

The goal for today was for James to clean some of his TA-50 (military gear from the deployment that's been sitting in the garage for over 2 months now) and for us to finally get the Vibe's windshield replaced (sadly, from a rock hitting it in Feb. 2009...pathetic, I know!). I'm happy to say that we accomplished all of the above and then some. While James was cleaning his TA-50, I decided to clean the freezer out a little bit and got creative with some of what's left in there. After mixing up some club soda, frozen strawberries, yogurt and a hint of sugar, we enjoyed a refreshing snack -- or dinner (I was no longer hungry for anything else after that!).
It's a shame that I pretty much used up most of what we have left of those ingredients, or we'd probably have another one tomorrow! I guess that just means another creative snack/meal tomorrow, as I continue trying to use up what's left in that freezer. The goal is to not have anything left that has to be trashed before the move...we'll see! once it was time, we headed out to pick the Vibe up from the glass shop and decided that since we were staying in town, we may as well grab a Redbox rental. Lately, we've had a hard time agreeing on what to rent, and today was no different. If you ask James, all of the movies I've picked lately suck -- in my defense, the previews all looked good, but the movies failed miserably. If you ask me, all of the movies James wants to watch are too much for me to handle -- violence/gore being the major issue. With that being said, after skimming through the pages upon pages of movies available at the Redbox, we decided to rent It's Complicated. I must say...I absolutely LOVED it!!! When it first came out, neither of us had felt the urge to race to the theater to see it, nor did we have any desire to rent it when it was first released at Redbox. But...after hearing a few friends recommend it and after realizing we had seen everything else that we were willing to agree on, it won the vote. Much to my surprise, it really turned out to be a fantastic movie. While I loved the comedy side to it, there were also some more serious issues brought up that made the film even more interesting to watch. Obviously, with the whole story being based around an affair between a previously divorced couple, you knew it was going to be unique. With that being said, I appreciated the fact that they covered various intricacies of the divorce. For instance, it was sad to see how greatly affected the kids were as a result of the divorce, etc. Divorce is so hard, especially when there are kids involved. I appreciated the fact that they showed that (and other struggles) in the film -- in the midst of a rather humorous love story.

In the end, we both laughed hard and really enjoyed the film as a whole. I love spending nights like that. Laughter is good for the soul, and I could use all the laughter I can get right about now! Here's hoping the next film we decide to pick is as fun as this one! With next weekend being Jake's 7th Angelversary, we plan on staying here again so that we can have a nice dinner out. Perhaps another movie will be part of the plan. Any recommendations???


  1. Have you seen Dan in Real Life? That movie makes us laugh every time.

  2. I am glad that you and James had a nice evening....I love that movie! Very funny!!

  3. Dan in Real Life was cute. Can't go wrong with Steve Carell. :)