Friday, August 27, 2010

3 Greats With A Hint Of Chocolate...

Lately, James has been on this kick of watching the Biography channel before bed. If they happen to be covering an interesting icon that night, there's a good chance we're watching it. Just the other night, they aired a special all about the Hippies movement -- containing a large segment on the rock scene in San Fran during that time. This was right up our alley, as we're both huge classic rock fans. Not only do we love the music (60's & 70's Rock), but we also love learning the history behind the bands -- so much so that we both took a class in college titled, The History of Rock and Roll. That's right. Indiana University offered a 300-level class focused solely on rock bands! We both loved it, and continue to enjoy learning about these influential bands and the time period surrounding them. With that being said, we were totally glued to that hour of television, as it covered all aspects of the movement -- including many of the psychedelic rock bands, etc. While we watched, the commercials advertised an upcoming night focused on Jimi Hendrix. James got totally excited and had me mark it on my phone's calender so we wouldn't forget. Well, that night was tonight.

Much to our surprise, it was a night full of Rock N' Roll greats! Not only did they cover Jimi Hendrix, but they also aired the specials focusing on Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin -- all of which are among our favorites! That's right...3 hours of great music and history. It's alright...we realize we're huge nerds!

So, this was how we spent our evening. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without some chocolate. Earlier this afternoon, I searched the internet for some new recipes and ran across one for chocolate banana bread. I love the combination of chocolate and bananas, so I had to try it! It turned out pretty well and was a nice addition to our night of rock. Yum...


  1. Sounds like a fun night! Bread looks yummy too! :)

  2. A class on the History of Rock and Roll?! That's awesome! \m/ Like Rhiannon said, the chocolate and banana bread looks delish.