Thursday, July 15, 2010

7 Months...

Well, we made it to the 7 month mark of Olivia's passing. James was home for this one, which I'm most definitely thankful for. It was still just as hard to endure such a day, but we at least did it together. Livy was on our minds all day long, and constantly in our conversation. Although, I suppose that's not much different from any other day, but even more so with it being the 14th.

I think the nice weather brought the babies out from every nook and cranny. Everywhere we went, there they were in full force -- I can't even tell you the number of Chicco strollers we walked past. I really think days like today should be spent indoors, away from all of that. However, with our list of errands to run, that didn't exactly happen. Oh well. We each came home with something to feed our passions so I suppose that's a perk. James bought the last few things needed to start his first home brew and I ended up with a couple photography necessities...Ok, maybe not necessities, but they sure will come in handy when we're on our vacation in a couple weeks. I gave in and got a telephoto lens (add that to the list of equipment that I still need to learn how to use!!!) along with a sturdy camera bag. This whole shoving the camera in my purse idea isn't going to work once I'm lugging around a second lens...

With James' final home brewing purchases complete, it appears as though I may be witnessing his first brew take place tomorrow afternoon. We shall see how that turns out. Hopefully after all the work he puts into it, he is rewarded with a delicious beverage! Granted, I won't be able to help in judging that since I think beer is absolutely foul. Even the smell gets me most of the time. For years -- even before our time in Germany -- James has tried to get me to like it. Each time he orders one that I've never tried, I do give it the benefit of the doubt and take a sip, but I have yet to find one that I don't need a chaser for. I just can't stand the taste -- yuck. Nevertheless, he loves it, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this home brewing thing works out. Who knows, maybe you'll see his brand of beer on the grocery store shelves in 10 years? Ha.

Well, I suppose it's obvious what we're devoting our time to with the emptiness left by Liv's death. Hopefully it won't always be this way, and that one day we'll be able to share these passions with a healthy little brother or sister to our first day...


  1. You and James were on my mind all day yesterday. This must have been why. I'm so thankful that you two were together to remember Olivia together. We continue to pray for your family and for the Peace that passes understanding as you walk through these hard days.
    When do you leave for your vacation?

  2. Thanks, Monica. :) We leave August 1st. Not long!