Thursday, July 1, 2010

An eventful day...

Overall, today was a pretty good day. James got home at noon, then we headed off to buy tickets for Eclipse. Since I figured it would be sold out, we went first to buy tickets for a later showing with plans of grabbing lunch after we bought them. Well, much to my surprise, none of the showings were sold out! That threw me off, as I wasn't expecting that, so we just picked the next available showing. We had just enough time to grab James' Big Mac (he has been craving that since he got back!) and get back in time for the previews.

I was quite surprised at the audience demographics. I was expecting a room full of teeny boppers, but that wasn't exactly the case. Instead, it was a room full of middle-aged women and a few husbands here and there. Don't let that fool you though! They were head over heels for Edward and Jacob! I heard the deep sighs, the giggles (WAY too many of those), and every other sound you'd expect from a teeny bopper that's in love with, say, The Jonas Brothers -- not to mention the shout-outs to "Team Jacob" and "Team Edward." It was kind of comical to observe.

We thoroughly enjoyed the movie, minus the loud giggles coming from the girl next to us every few minutes. I would definitely say it was better than New Moon. James said he liked it, but he thought they should've stopped after Twilight (the original film), haha. He thought that was the best one so far, and said that sequels are rarely better than the original -- with the exception of Harry Potter (HP3 is our favorite).

Speaking of Harry Potter, they aired a preview for the final movie coming out this fall. Guess I know what we'll be doing come November! Just like Twilight, we were late in getting involved in the series, but once we did, we were hooked! Well, I was hooked. It took some convincing to get James to watch Harry Potter initially -- I had to prove that one of his best friends enjoyed them and it was then that he finally gave them a shot. It was all downhill from there. In fact, before Liv died, one of James' requests for R&R was a relaxing day at home with a HP marathon. The newest one came out after he deployed, so he wanted to catch up on it and figured what better way to spend time as a family with our baby girl, than relaxing with some HP. Too bad we ended up watching them under sadder circumstances...

Well, that was quite the tangent. Anyways...After the movie, we headed out to pick up James' new wedding ring. He somehow lost his original ring during the deployment, so we ordered him a new Tungsten ring last week. It was of top priority, as James didn't like walking around without one on. He said it looked like he was having an affair with a married woman. Nerd. It's now the opposite since I sent mine in for them to do that rhodium plating thing (I guess that's what happens when you have white gold, which eventually turns yellow), and it's still not done. With his original wedding ring lasting nearly 8 years, here's hoping we don't have to buy another one for 8 more years!

To end the day, we took Obie on a 2 mile walk. That may have not been the smartest idea, since our basset is an old man now. He's not as energetic as he once was. He did well on the first mile, as he pranced along while we walked. However, by the second mile, he was done and ready to lay down. I guess there will not be any more long walks in Oba's future. Those short little legs just can't take it...


  1. He is so flippin cute! i have fallen in love with your damn dog reading your blog! lol

  2. the way, i thought i was the only one who knew about or liked Regina Spektor! i love Fidelity!! one of my favorite songs!

  3. LOVE Regina Spektor! I have a few of her albums, but always fall back to Begin To Hope... (The album with Fidelity on it) :)