Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dinner and a movie...

So after a few nights of running errands, we decided to stay in tonight. Our fridge is full of fresh ingredients thanks to a stop at Tacoma Boys (awesome produce, meat, and a wide selection of fine beer), so it called for some fajitas and homemade salsa...

It may not look all that appealing from the Blackberry camera, but it most definitely knocked out any store-bought salsa. We'll be eating this stuff for days!

Anyways...we've been eating out way too much since James got home, so it was nice to just hang out and cook at home for a change. I'm sure Obadiah enjoyed a break from the cage, too! While we enjoyed our fajitas, Oba laid in his bed snoring. I guess since there was no beer involved, he wasn't going to bother.

After dinner and many distractions -- gang-related documentaries for James and Shutterfly digital scrapbooking for me -- we finally started the movie. By this point, we really should've already been in bed, but oh well. To say the least, I had no problem staying awake to it. James decided to rent The Hurt Locker. It was a pretty interesting movie. Sure, there were inaccuracies, but still interesting nonetheless. About 3/4's of the way through it, I couldn't take it any longer and had to IMDb it to find out what happens. While it drives James nuts, I WANT to know what happens beforehand -- especially when it comes to soldiers in combat like with this movie. I can handle it better if I know ahead of time that something bad is going to happen, etc. Like right at the beginning -- *SPOILER* -- when Guy Pearce's character dies. Yeah...suspense is not my thing. It's hard to watch, especially when they're trying to portray soldiers in situations like that...

I suppose after having rented "The Hurt Locker," we're due for a lighter film. I think New Moon is in order, ha. After all, Eclipse does come out next week! James is game for going to see it as long as he gets caught up with New Moon. He had seen Twilight downrange -- in fact, he saw it the night before he got the news of Liv's heart stopping. He had said he enjoyed it simply for the fact that it was filmed in the PNW, so it was fun to watch. I never thought we'd be Twilight fans, but here we are! I guess we'll see what Redbox has to offer when we go to turn in this DVD tomorrow...


  1. i LOVED it's complicated - and also liked couple's retreat. some movie recommendations ;) so glad james is home and you two are together!

  2. Sounds like an awesome date night, that salsa looks gooooooooooooood, even with a fuzzy picture! Let me know if you get a chance to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall and if it skips!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations. :) Loved Couple's Retreat! Haven't seen It's Complicated yet, though.

    Katie, James found the movie pretty funny. I've been meaning to get that back to you! Thanks for loaning it to us! Oh, and it didn't skip. :) Remind me and I'll give you the recipe to the salsa next time we talk. :)